The Case For Zach Lavine (first post)

What's up, LB? First post, get ready for some brutally informal, 18 year old writing!

Never actually made an account on here, but the more draft coverage I follow, and the more tweets I see that go something like "(Name of high profile College Basketball player) makes me drool on my shirt like a wet puppy", the more I think my opinion could be palatable to read.

Obviously, we know what we're looking at with our first pick, should it land anywhere from let's say 1-4. We would take any of Parker, Wiggins, Embiid top 3, given they all come out, and in my opinion in that order (the answer to why I will save for another time if anybody even cares), and after that it's a hodgepodge of :

Julius "This wont work in the NBA" Randle

Dante Exum,who luckily can only be well evaluated for high profile play by Brett Brown

Some deformed Marcus Smart-Noah Vonleh hybrid, which couldn't hurt considering they would almost both be better with each others skill sets. There's a lot of talk about trading someone like Thad and the Pelicans pick to move up in the draft, but unless we're getting Exum I dont really see the upside.

In a perfect world, we're starting with MCW, Parker or Wiggins at the SF, and Nerlens at Center/PF/ PG I dont care Nerlens can do whatever he wants. At that point we have an opening at SG, and probably PF. And assuming the Pelicans stay gridlocked around the 11th pick, for those positions we are probably looking at choosing between McDermott, Hood, Gary Harris, Dario Saric, or somebody like James Young. Personally, I'm not in love with Rodney Hood in the NBA, and he's by far my favorite in that group. For me, the pick is Zach Lavine in that case.

In short, here is why "Zach Lavin Breaks everyones hearts" Russell Westbrook, but those handles and speed? He's got great shooting form too, so hopefully any shooting trouble he has is easily corrected, but he looks like the shooter we need. He seems to be pretty good at that under the leg's dunk thing too, so that's like a useful thing! The knocks on him are his height (6''5), which along with 6''6 MCW seems like a well sized backcourt, and the fact that he is not even the top dog at UCLA. Lavine is the type of guy who would thrive in a more isolation, 1 on 1 type of league, which he will experience more in the NBA than he has in college, the same way Darren Collison sort of took the lead role over Westbrook in college, oddly at UCLA as well.

I'm 10 times more hopeful and interested going into next season starting MCW-Lavine-Parker/Wiggins-Thad/FA Signing/Filler PF-Nerlens, than I am if you replace him with someone like Gary Harris, or change the lineup to MCW-James Anderson/Rookie-Parker/Wiggins-Saric/McDermott-Nerlens. I'm basing this all off of my life preserving hope of Parker or Wiggins. But a lineup with either of them and Lavine is a freakishly athletic team that is probably a playoff team a year later.

All I'm saying is, at the 11th pick if we stay there after drafting a wing first, I want them to pick someone with some potential to be the second fiddle. I love a guy like McDermott, but Wally Szczerbiak never vaulted a team to a title, and neither will he. Lavine could be that talent for us.

Anyways, I'd love to hear your guy's thoughts on my opinion, this draft is the only thing keeping me interested in the Sixers play right now, and even constructive criticism on my first basketball writing piece. Never been much of a writer, always been a basketball fan.

Sorry for the Rant, Thanks for reading!

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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