Making Sense Of It All

Professor Hinkie was the busiest man on the planet today. Of the 12 trades conducted, 4 of them involved the Philadelphia 76ers. In a summary of debits and credits, here is what conspired:

Sixers Trade : Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, Lavoy Allen & a conditional 2nd Round Pick

Sixers Receive: Five 2nd Round Draft Picks, Danny Granger (likely bought-out), Earl Clark, Henry Sims, Eric Maynor, & Byron Mullens

All over twitter today I noticed our fan base divided with mixed emotions about today’s trades. If you were not on board with tanking before, then Dr. Sam Hinkie has now awarded you no choice but to pull your pants down, bend over, and submit to the fact that we may not win another game the remainder of the season.

In all seriousness, if you were not on board with the "Winless for Wiggins" approach, please, open your eyes, and see what this man is building here in Philadelphia. Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes WERE NOT going to be with our franchise next year, and Captain Hinkie was able to wrangle as many future assets as he could before they left us. If you are able to open your eyes and see past the fact that we lost two productive 25 year-old players, you will be able to understand that the future is extremely bright, and not that far away.

MCW, Thaddeus, and Noel make a great young core for the Sixers to continue to build around. It is important that with Hawes and Turner gone, the Sixers will be so awful they are NOW GUARNTEED a top five (most likely on the higher side) selection in the upcoming NBA Draft. A selection that will very-well reciprocate Dante Exum, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, or Julius Randle.

Outside of that pick, they have 6 more selections: New Orleans (currently #11), and a staggering five 2nd-rounders. A key component regarding the second round draft picks is the flexibility it presents to the front office. Granted, it will be hard to move up from the New Orleans pick, General Hinkie now has a plethora of options available to manipulate the draft board. With his current track record---of treating the NBA like ‘Franchise Mode’ on NBA 2k14---there is no question the 2014 NBA Draft will be a night filled with fireworks. I have faith that he will use the flexibility these picks provide us to move up and down, making it easier to select the players most impressive on the basis of his analytical approach.

Finally, the Sixers currently maintain the highest cap room in the NBA. Although it is extremely unlikely, it would be possible for us to sign two max-level free agents this offseason, (or trade Thaddeus and construct our own ‘big three’). While I don’t envision Lebron or Melo joining us for the 2015 campaign; in the upcoming years when our young talent continues to grow and develop, the probability of us signing a superstar only increases.

Tuesday, May 20th 2014. This is the next day Sixers fans need to remember. It is the day of the NBA Draft Lottery. Move over Milwaukee, Master Hinkie is coming for your ping pong balls.

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