History of Sixers Trade Deadline Deals

With the trade deadline in less than 24 hours, I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the past 20 trade deadlines in Sixers history.

February 24, 1994

Traded Sean Green, Jeff Hornacek and a 1995 2nd round draft pick (Junior Burrough was later selected) to the Utah Jazz for Jeff Malone and a 1994 1st round draft pick (B.J. Tyler was later selected).

Let's put it this way. The Sixers were 20-33 before the trade and finished the season 25-57. The tank was on. The Sixers received the 6th pick but this draft dropped off in talent considerably after the 5th pick.

February 22, 1996

Traded Sharone Wright to the Toronto Raptors for Tony Massenburg, Ed Pinckney, a 1996 2nd round draft pick (Ryan Minor was later selected) and a 1997 2nd round draft pick (James Collins was later selected). Philadelphia had the option to swap 1st round draft picks with Toronto in either 1996 or 1997 but did not do so; Philadelphia received a 2nd round draft pick in 1997 instead.

Sharone Wright had a bright future ahead of him. Being the 6th overall pick in the 1994 draft, he put up 15 points and 8 boards on a nightly basis. In return for trading him to the Raptors, the Sixers got Massenburg, Pinckney, and 2 2nd round picks. Pinckney was at the end of his career, while Massenburg was a sixth man at best. The two 2nd round picks did not turn out to be anything spectacular. The Sixers were well on their way to the top pick in the draft, and this only secured it.

February 17, 1998

Traded Jim Jackson and Clarence Weatherspoon to the Golden State Warriors for Brian Shaw and Joe Smith.

February 19, 1998

Traded Terry Cummings to the New York Knicks for Ron Grandison and Herb Williams.

Did the Sixers tank in 1998? Two years after drafting Iverson, the Sixers traded away 2 starters and a veteran for 4 players, 3 washed-up guys and 1 former 1st overall pick. The Sixers improved their record yet still got the 8th pick in the draft. Here's where the mistake comes in. Drafted 9 and 10 were Dirk Nowitzki and Paul Pierce. With the 8th pick, the Sixers selected Larry Hughes. Iverson and Dirk would've brought a championship back to Philly.

January 18, 1998

Traded a 1998 2nd round draft pick (Jelani McCoy was later selected) to the Seattle SuperSonics for Eric Snow.

Once traded, Snow became the immediate running mate with Iverson. What Snow lacked in offense, he made up for in defense. Snow played 7 solid seasons with the Sixers and later returned as color commentator. We all know how that ended up.

February 16, 2000

As part of a 3-team trade, the Philadelphia 76ers traded Larry Hughes and Billy Owens to the Golden State Warriors; the Philadelphia 76erstraded Bruce Bowen to the Chicago Bulls; the Chicago Bulls traded Toni Kukoc to the Philadelphia 76ers; and the Golden State Warriors tradedJohn Starks and a 2000 1st round draft pick (Chris Mihm was later selected) to the Chicago Bulls.

You were probably wondering how the Sixers got Toni Kukoc in the first place. How many of you actually knew we had Bruce Bowen, future defensive specialist, on the squad at one point? Trading Owens wasn't a big deal, but giving up Larry Hughes and Bruce Bowen for Toni Kukoc was not a smart idea.

February 22, 2001

Traded Toni Kukoc, Nazr Mohammed, Theo Ratliff and Pepe Sanchez to the Atlanta Hawks for Roshown McLeod and Dikembe Mutombo.

The Sixers didn't get a lot of their trade deadline deals right, but this one they did. Trading an injury prone Ratliff, old Kukoc, and future bust Mohammed for All-Star, Defensive Player of the Year Dikembe Mutombo was exactly what the team needed. Mutombo anchored the defense and helped Iverson and company lead the Sixers to an NBA Finals trip.

February 24, 2005

Traded Glenn Robinson to the New Orleans Hornets for Jamal Mashburn and Rodney Rogers.

Robinson, in the last years of his career, was a solid starter until he got injured. He lost his starting role to Iguodala, and never played a game that season. In return, the Sixers got Mashburn, who also didn't play a game in a Sixers uniform. Rodney Rogers played meaningful minutes off the bench but wasn't too productive.

February 23, 2005

Traded Brian Skinner, Kenny Thomas and Corliss Williamson to the Sacramento Kings for Matt Barnes, Michael Bradley and Chris Webber.

Did Skinner, Thomas, and Williamson turn into anything? No. The big piece here was Chris Webber. This was the Sixers last effort in hopes of giving Iverson a partner in crime. Webber did not play bad, but he certainly was not who he used to be. Coming off surgery, Webber lost his athleticism and his play dropped off considerably. After 2 years, the Sixers bought out Webber's contract and went back to mediocrity.

February 23, 2006

Traded Lee Nailon and a 2006 2nd round draft pick (Daniel Gibson was later selected) to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a 2006 2nd round draft pick. Philadelphia did not receive the 2nd round draft pick because Cleveland did not finish with at least the third best record in the league.

We pretty much traded Nailon and Boobie Gibson for nothing. Thanks a lot Billy King.

February 18, 2010

Traded Primoz Brezec, Royal Ivey and a 2010 2nd round draft pick (Darington Hobson was later selected) to the Milwaukee Bucks for Francisco Elson and Jodie Meeks.

Primoz Brezec played a total of 36 and Ivey was, and still is, a end of the bench guy. We ended up trading for Jodie Meeks, who under Doug Collins coaching, started for 2 years over The Villain including the 2012 playoffs. Should Turner have started over him? Yeah, probably. He is now thriving in Los Angeles as their 3-and-D guy. Pour one out for Elson as he only played a total of 20 minutes in 2 different stints with the Sixers.

March 15, 2012

Traded RICKY SANCHEZ to the Memphis Grizzlies for Sam Young.

The Sixers traded their heart and soul of the team, Ricky Sanchez, for a useless bench player who put up goose-eggs in the playoffs. Losing Ricky set the franchise back a few years.

February 21, 2013

Traded a future 2nd round draft pick to the Golden State Warriors for Charles Jenkins and cash.

Sam Hinkie would've never done this trade. Trading a 2nd round pick?! Blasphemy.

The Sixers don't make many trade deadline deals, but when they do, they suck. But we're in a different era now. I believe in you Hinkie. We believe in you Hinkie. Do not put us through this misery for another 2 months. Trade Turner for a bag of basketballs and batteries before the Bobcats back out.

22 hours 30 minutes left.

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