What Is Already Really Bad, Is About To Get Even Worse

I will admit, I did not think that the game last night would be as bad as it ended up being. I expected the Sixers to lose badly by 20-25 points, but not an almost exact replica of what the Clippers did to them the night before. While the score at the end of the first quarter was 29-21, the score at the end of the final three quarters was almost identical to the scores from night before against the Clippers.

The Sixers have now lost two consecutive games by a combined margin of -88, which sets a record for 3rd worst in NBA history, and became the second team to lose consecutive games by 40+ points. They have lost seven in a row and have gone 3-17 in their last 20 games. The Sixers also have by far the worst defense in the league. They now sit at 15-38, in sole possession of the second worst record, and trail the Milwaukee Bucks for the worst record with 6 more wins. It can't get any worse than this right?

It's about to.

With the trade deadline looming, a week from Thursday, the Sixers have been rumored to be apart of numerous trades. The main pieces that the Sixers are offering are Thad, Spencer, and ET. Multiple media outlets have reported that the Sixers would like to recieve a 2014 1st-round-pick in return but Liberty Ballers reported a few weeks ago that they were also considering a 2015 1st-round-pick, as well.

Also, media outlets, including Liberty Ballers, ESPN, USA Today, and CBS Sports, have linked the Spurs, Bobcats, and Suns as the teams interested in one, or a combination, of Thad/Spencer/ET. These reports have the Sixers getting an expiring contract in return, such as a Ben Gordon or Emeka Okafor, in addition to a first round draft pick.

Earlier today, Liberty Ballers' Jake Pavorsky reported that, "barring an overwhelming offer, the plan is to hold onto Young and attempt to trade him leading up to draft night".

So with that being said, let's assume that Turner and Hawes are both dealt by the February 20th deadline, whether in separate deals or in the same one. Now comes the fun part. Let's ponder as to what the 76ers starting lineup and rotation would be on February 21st at home against the Dallas Mavericks:


SG: James Anderson

SF: Hollis Thompson

PF: Thad

C: Lavoy Allen

Bench: Wroten, Williams, Moultrie, Brown, Davies(praying for him to recover from his devastating broken finger injury), and Player X(received in trade(s)).

I got my tickets for the game already. You should too, before they sell out.

Wow. What a team, if you can even call it that. This team would be better off relying on Tony Wroten 60-footers than trying to score in the half court.

If you thought the Sixers team we have seen the past two games is as bad as it can get, you're wrong. This potential roster is as bad as it can get and, most likely, will get. I can not even imagine what teams like the Thunder, Heat, Spurs, and Pacers(all teams that the Sixers play after the deadline) would do to this potential Sixers team. People have joked about this Sixers team being a D-League team but this potential roster validates them as an actual D-League team with two legitimate, good NBA players that we feel terribly sorry for. If Hawes and Turner are indeed traded I would be hard-pressed to believe that the Sixers could actually win another game this season(The Washington Generals could beat this potential Sixers team). But that's not a bad thing at all(MORE PING PONG BALLS FOR US). Let's just all be prepared for MCW and Thad shooting 25-30 times a game to keep them within striking distance of 50 points.

Tomorrow we're in Utah. Can we make it three 40 point losses in a row?

Only 29 games to go. We can do this.

Tank on Boys.

P.S. I dare someone to try and talk me out of buying this shirt I found online.

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