Progress for MCW?

So during tonight's game I started looking into MCW's stats to see how he was progressing this season. We all know he has the best counting stats of the rookie class this year with 17 pts, 7.2 assists, 5.7 rebounds and 2.8 steals a game. We also are aware that the Sixers are 1-10 with Carter-Williams out of the lineup and 11-13 with him in the lineup. So it seems like the rookie has had a very impactful season so far and many consider him to be a lock for Rookie of the Year honors. You'd think he's come a long way since being the 11th pick in what was considered a weak NBA draft. He hasn't.

Take a look at these numbers:

Sixers: 43.8% 2P, 29.4% 3P, 70.1% FT, 48.5% TS, 43.9% eFG

Syracuse: (‘12-'13): 43.6% 2P, 29.4% 3P, 69.4% FT, 49.1% TS, 43.8% eFG

I was shocked when I saw this at first. His shooting numbers are virtually identical across the board, which is to say that the perception that his shot has improved this year is off base. The rookie came out guns blazing and stole our hearts with a strong first impression, but the reality is totally different.

Now, it is true that NBA competition is tougher, and MCW is taking more shots than he did in college but it's still discouraging. The blog writers talked about swing skills for prospects ahead of the 2013 draft and ahead of the season and MCW's swing skill was shooting. The assumption was if he could improve his shot he could be on his way to being an above average player in the league. But here we are and the numbers are still almost identical.

To be clear there are some good things Carter-Williams is doing this year. He is distributing well for a rookie, showing he can attack the paint, drawing fouls, and OHMYGOSH those steals. But he will never be a superstar unless he improves on his very bad shooting numbers and we should continue to pay attention to them moving forward. Hopefully as the season progresses and his career progresses we will see some great strides. It seems for now, though, MCW has gotten lost in the crowd while Brett Brown has spent all his attention working with Nerlens Noel on his shot.

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