A Win-Win with a Loss: Suns Topple Sixers in High Scoring Affair

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers take the loss at home against the Suns. Let's try to get through this without a cheesy sun pun.

It was all shaping up to be a nice little Monday evening inside the Steidel household. Get home from work at a reasonable hour, light up the ol' stove to cook some dinner, then enjoy a late January edition of a little Sixers/Suns, the most intense rivalry since Val Venis and Ken Shamrock. Little did I know, but the pipe lords of the world had different plans for me, causing me to miss the Suns 124-113 victory over the Sixers (resisting urge to make ice to cool off the Suns pun).

It's on nights like these, however, that we're happy to have our old friend Twitter around. While I didn't get to see any live action, I could read along as if I were following it the moment it happened. Join me as I live tonight's game through a series of Twitter observations. Strap in.

That's an interesting strategy, Cotton. We'll have to see if it pays off.

The previous timeout appears to have been effective, stopping the Suns from getting (don't say hot, don't say hot)… some three-pointers under their belts.

Sounds like just about every other team the Sixers have played this year. Carry on. Nothing to see here. Single file.

Boom! Leave it to the Sixers twitter to give us a sun pun. I'm still abstaining. I don't want to get pregnant.

Whatever, Seth. I'll believe it when somebody who isn't biased towards the Suns says it.

Oh. Okay.

77% you say? Like, they're shooting could have gotten a C+ on a test? The Suns shooting percentage could have easily gotten a bachelor's degree? It better save me a ticket for graduation.

I'd have to think those turnovers were the only thing keeping the Sixers within striking distance at this moment. That, and Hollis Thompson being the Smash Williams of this team.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." Well, the opposite of that.

Souces confirm (FAKE SOURCES!) that it is indeed an awful picture. Nice research, Jake.

Can't complain with the youngster getting to line, let alone knocking down both.

I imagine he turned into Terry Crews at some point? Hey, hey, hey.

Got to be encouraged by those numbers from the free throw line. I'm no doctor, but making a ton of free throws on just about as many attempts could be beneficial.

He's like Adam Banks as a Hawk playing great against the Ducks. They've got to be intrigued. GOT TO!

Much love to Tom for not throwing in something about being on fire or hot from the outside. He's a pro's pro.

Staying the course. Doing the bull dance. Feelin the flow. Workin it.

Doesn't seem as impressive a stat as Gerald Green and Goran Dragic's shooting percentages now does it?

There's our Mike. Causing commotion and starting rumors without really saying anything.

If I wasn't live but not-live following this game, I would never believe the Sixers still had a shot at a win here. Despite the outrageous shooting percentages from the Suns' backcourt, the white shirts have the deficit to single digits.

Was it Old Man Knees? He better not have shhhhh'ed Old Man Knees.

The defense certainly isn't there. Over/under how many games until they reach 10?

A solid line from Michael Carter-Williams and one more notch in the ever growing L column? Can't complain there.

See, I told you.

Like the memory of this game, Sohil's ideas slowly but surely drift away into oblivion.

Add another loss to the record books, kids. It's just another day at work for Brett Brown and his boys. We're back at it on Wednesday against the now Rajon Rondo led Celtics.

For all your Suns information, check out our pals at Bright Side Of The Sun.

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