As the Sixers approach the 2014 NBA Draft…

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So the Sixers’ 2013-14 season continues and unfortunately or more like fortunately, the team is still managing a meager amount of production in the wins column.

By this point if you’re a true fan of the Sixers you’ll understand that more losses is the best option. It’s different when you want the home team to lose more games for a top draft pick, but this is the type of operation that teams like the Sixers have been subjected to in the NBA. Of course tanking to try and draft a better player isn’t a sure thing because of the lottery. But if you look at what the Sixers have done statistically over the last ten years, it definitely seems like the dull side of a double edged sword.

At this point the organization looks as if it might be in a good position to make moves come draft night. We have the third worst record in the league and the Pelicans currently have the eleventh worst record. If the season ended today we would have two guaranteed lottery picks and with the Pelicans losing Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson to injuries, it’s hard to believe that the Pelicans will be able to improve upon their current record of 18 wins and 25 losses.

With rumors swirling that Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans are on the trade block, if any of these players get traded, you can assume that the tank is on in New Orleans. The only thing is, you have to hope that losing any more important players on the Pelicans’ roster doesn’t add up to too many loses. With a little less than half the season left, if they lose enough games and become one of the five worst teams in the league, then that means no more second lottery pic for Philly.

Fortunately or unfortunately this time, the Pelicans just got finished playing Orlando and the Magic lost another game. Orlando has the second worse record in the league. The Milwaukee Bucks, the worst team in the NBA, should have a picture of their logo next to the word inept in the dictionary or maybe their general manager can write a book titled "The Art of Tanking in the NBA".

Regarding the Magic, the basketball gods don’t have to take pity on them, but if Orlando started winning a few more games, it wouldn’t be as if Godzilla decided to make Philly his stomping ground. Some more L’s by the Sixers and come draft day we could end up having some more ping pong balls by switching positions with the Magic.

Hello Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins.

So more wins from the Magic and more losses from the Pelicans, but not too many, and things could be looking up. We’re still a young team so becoming NBA champions will have to wait a little bit, but at least the Sixers are taking steps in the right direction.

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