Snowed in with a trade machine

Fact: The Philadelphia 76ers are tanking building through the draft this season.

Fact: The Sixers are as close to making the playoffs as they are to having the worst record in NBA.

Team Chill aside, this situation needs to be addressed.

There has been a lot of discussion amongst Sixer fans about whether or not to trade our best veteran, Thad Young, for draft picks in order to make the team worse. I will be avoiding that topic, on the grounds that nobody knows whether any team with a decent first-rounder is looking to trade it (considering the different rules regarding second rounders, one could argue an early second is more valuable than OKC's first). Instead, I'll be looking to exploit the fact that Philly has a ton of cap space, no desire to win this season, and a player in Spencer Hawes that is seen as* a solid two way center on a cheap deal.

*I semi-irrationally hate Spencer Hawes due to his inability to set a freaking pick.

In terms of what Philly should be targeting, I've always loved the Bogut-Ellis swap Golden State pulled off in 2012. The Warriours used that deal to tank their way into the number six pick (avoiding a draft pick forfeiture) AND a healthy Bogut. Without further ado, here is my trade. I'll go through it team by team, but the goal was that each gets enough of what it wants to the point that no draft picks/overseas assets need be involved. If you're a fan of one team and you think it should receive one, that's probably a good sign.

D. Gallinari + J. McGee -> O. Asik + L. Fields

Why Denver?

Denver is the team that made me think of this trade, because they're in such a weird place franchise-wise and because they've got a lot of injured talent.

^Denver sends the weaker pick of theirs' and the Knicks', so unless Denver decides to play 4-on-5 for the rest of the season, or the Knicks start playing like a real basketball team, there really is no incentive for Denver to lose. Why not deal those injured guys to crappy Eastern conference teams and try to contend?

Why do they like it?

Denver gets the best (healthy) player in this trade. New coach Brian Shaw would probably appreciate a defender like Asik (or really any defenders at all on that roster). Asik/Manimal/Hickson actually seems like a pretty solid big man trio. Denver sends out ~$21 million for 3 years in exchange for ~$15million for two years, giving Denver's new regime more flexibility in remaking their roster.

Why do they hate it?

Gallo and McGee are really, really, really, ridiculously more talented than Omer Asik and Landry Fields. The contracts for Asik and Fields both have poison balloon third year payments, so while the Nuggets will have cap flexibility, their owners would have to write some big checks to exploit it.

O. Asik -> S. Hawes

Why Houston?

Omer Asik is giving the Rockets next to nothing and is openly asking to be traded. This trade involves him.

Why do they like it?

Houston seems serious about Terrence Jones (who looks great), so instead of a power forward, Morey is looking for a first round pick for Asik (which looks farfetched). Instead, I'm giving them Spence, who gives them a backup center with a skill set that nobody on their roster has, and on a cheap expiring contract to boot. With the trade deadline approaching and Asik moping on the bench/about to cost $15million next season, maybe that's the best they can do.

Why do they hate it?

Because I buy Morey's argument that Asik is worth multiple pieces. I don't know what the Rocket's bench needs, so any cheap Nugget/Raptor/Sixer with a skill they lack could be needed to make this pipe dream work. I feel least good about the Rockets' end of this trade, but I really have no idea what they can/expect to get from Asik.

S. Novak + L. Fields -> J. McGee

Why Toronto?

With Asik coming to Denver, and Denver having too many big men on the roster as it is, talented headcase JaVale McGee is an obvious trade candidate. Toronto comes in because McGee's value is as low as it could be, and he is still owed another $20million over two years after this season. They get involved because they have some even worse contracts on hand, a talented but inconsistent center, and (like Denver) they're in a really weird place right now.

Why do they like it?

McGee is probably overpaid at $10.8million, but Landry Fields and Steve Novak are definitely overpaid at a combined $10.1million. Maybe one of McGee and Valanciunas becomes an elite center, or they both do and one becomes a valuable trade asset, or they both play half the game before fouling out. Seems like an obvious trade to make.

Why do they hate it?

Landry Fields' deal is only two years? Okay, if McGee has even a 5% chance of being a difference maker, this is a steal for Toronto, and if the Rockets fan base says this trade is horrible and I should kill myself, maybe Toronto gives up a future pick to make it happen.

S. Hawes -> D. Gallinari + S. Novak

Why Philly?

Philly needs to lose (hush Team Chill). Should Gallo fully recover from his recent and serious injuries, he's a good bet to become the best player in this trade. On a two year $20million deal (after this season), it's conceivable he could be a key player on the next Sixers playoff squad.

Why do they like it?

Because nobody gives them more traditional long term assets (draft picks, rookies) for Spence/Turner, so they acquire a risky but talented wing who would pile up some numbers playing for Brett Brown. Thad can then be traded or kept depending on the offer, while the Sixers pile up the losses with Dedmon/Allen/Carter-Williams-on-Wroten's-shoulders protecting the rim.

Why do they hate it?

The price is small in terms of talent but huge in terms of cap space, with the Sixers paying Gallo and Steve Novak a combined ~$14million for the next three seasons. Doing so kills a lot of the Sixers future flexibility, which could prove even more valuable than the player Gallinari may become, because Hinkie is smarter than I am and it isn't very close.

Anyway, that's what happens when you're snowed in without a game on. Anybody got any thoughts?

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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