The Official Sixers NBA Draft Lottery Party (unoffically)


Depending on when you read this, it's either TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROW or TODAY TODAY TODAY, consult your calendar for more on dates 'n' stuff. Calendars are very useful.

We've been bombarding you with information about it for weeks, but seeing as we're right on the doorstep of the biggest moment in recent Sixers memory, I hope you'll forgive one last descent into reminders. The Sixers are not having their own NBA Draft Lottery Party, and to my knowledge, nobody else is, so ours is the only game in town. So show up, we are running unopposed.

This Tuesday (tomorrow or today), May 20th. Come anytime, eat dinner, start pounding beers, but the event technically starts at 7PM.
Miller's Philly Ale House.
9495 E Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114 (Grant and the Boulevard on the northbound side)
Here is this week's RTRS podcast covering the party details as well as which of my parents Spike is going to run away with.

The Lottery is scheduled to begin before the Heat/Pacers game, somewhere in the 7:55-8:30 range. So make sure you get there with enough time to settle in, schmooze, panic, and get a few beers in you. But if you're not 21, you can still go, so that's cool for all boy scout troops who read this blog as a team-building exercise.

WILL THERE BE FREE STUFF? yes, t-shirts and hats and the like. huge thank you thank you thank you to CHEESESTEAK TEES (buy their great stuff, ya savages, we have a discount code of SPIKE15 because spike is a bigheaded jerk) as well as the sixers themselves for donating free things to the party. and sb nation, who tossed some coinage our way too.

WHO WILL BE THERE? nearly all of the liberty ballers writers, spike eskin, spike eskin's brainwashed fiancée, my parents in my stead, possibly members of the sixers media, and i won't say kwame brown is definitely not coming.

ARE THERE FOOD AND DRINK DEALS? yes, incredibly cheap pitchers and deals on ribeyes. capitalize.

ZINGERS? zingers.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY WIN? drinking and hugs.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY LOSE? drinking and hugs.

I want you there. Show up and talk prom and Team USA jerseys with Tanner and Jake. Get into heated debates with Dave and Roy about Bret Hart. Do not talk about the Eagles with Brandon and the BGN guys, we've got more important things to think about, come on.

We have a whole section at Miller's to ourselves. There will be signs. There will be cameras. There will be lots of people. You want to celebrate this with people who care as much as you do.


Let's get lucky.

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