NBA Draft 2014: TJ Warren In, Wayne Selden Out

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Get used to these.

Yeah, the Sixers are one game away from tying an NBA record for most consecutive losses -- we'll have that covered tomorrow. Almost three months until the 2014 NBA Draft though, and that's where our headspace is at. A few news on prospects that figured to be mid-late first rounders, Wayne Selden of Kansas and TJ Warren of NC State.

Sophomore TJ Warren is coming out, and rightfully so. That NC State team is absolutely talented and absolutely wretched. Such a massively frustrating squad to watch. Warren was their best player, averaging 25 and 7 at the 4-spot. After losing a ton of weight, he's capable of playing both the 3 and 4 at the next level, and I'm truthfully not sure what's best. He can score the ball well, as his point totals indicate, but shot really poorly from deep this year (26.7%) as his team leaned on him to create most of the offense. In a smaller role his freshman year, he was 14-27 outside the arc, so there's certainly hope there.

I don't think he's an ideal pairing with Andrew Wiggins (because I can't wrap my head around the Sixers not getting him), and where the Pelicans pick lands, it's probably a bit early for him, but he's certainly a candidate for a guy I'd love to trade into the late teens for. Here's his DX scouting video for your consumption.

And on the other side of the coin, the third Kansas freshman, Wayne Selden Jr., will stay in school another year.

I've been huge on Selden since I saw him play at Adidas Nations over the summer, but there's no question he had a poor freshman season for the Jayhawks. The jumper looked off, his defense was confusing, and his decision-making was suspect -- basically, he looked like a freshman. And that's fine! Because there was a massive amount of talent on that KU team and not a ton of leadership from the point guards, and they played undisciplined, uneven basketball throughout much of the season.

Had Wayne entered the draft, he'd have been in a fringe first rounder. The talent is there, the production isn't yet. This way, he gets to be more of a focal point next season, improve his numbers, hang out in Lawrence, and come out in the less crowded 2015 Draft. I'm a big advocate for going out as soon as you can go out, but this is the right move in Wayne's case.

We'll keep updating you on the ins and outs, and look for the next LB Big Board once March Madness comes to a close.

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