76ers' Sunday Morning Shootaround: Nothing Was The Same

When GTA V Online is unwrapped next month, you just might see Evan Turner on XBox Live. - USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of the Sunday Morning Shootaround, a Liberty Ballers' writer expresses his disdain for steak, Grand Theft Auto V consumes Evan Turner's thoughts, and the Sixers' acknowledgement of "Talk Like A Pirate Day" took us all to a weird place.

Sean O'Connor is neither a vegetarian nor a vegan, so there's really no excuse for his tweet above. I mean, really... what sane person says "Nah... I'm good" when someone suggests a trip to a Brazilian steak house?

In related news, the Liberty Ballers' December meet-up at Fogo de Chao has been canceled. It will now be held on January 21, and the tentative location will be HipCityVeg - further details to follow.


If anyone has news on whether or not Kwame Brown passed his conditioning test, we would appreciate it.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is so good that it nearly turned this column into the "We'll See You In A Couple of Weeks Shootaround."

Only three hours in, I've stolen a dozen cars, shot about seven people (they were all bad guys, so it's OK), broke into a house, chased after a man who was having relations with my wife, rode a roller coaster, sped down the freeway in pursuit of a yacht, played tennis, and spent an inordinate amount of time at a gentleman's club.

I almost wish that the game came out during the season - a few late-night Turner/Wyatt GTA sessions could have led to a couple more losses in the standings.


If Tanner Steidel and I don't drop at least eight subtle/not-so-subtle references to Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" between now and the regular season, then we will have failed you.

"Worst Behaviour" is Johnny Manziel-level ratchetness at its finest, and Jay-Z's guest appearance on Pound Cake might be his best work since "Watch The Throne."

(A brief note to those of you have haven't listened to the album yet: Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" is the polar opposite of what one would think a song called "Wu-Tang Forever" should sound like.)

(Another brief note: Spencer Hawes was not involved in the naming of the song "Wu-Tang Forever.")


You've all probably heard the story by now, but if you haven't, please take fifty-one minutes and fifty-nine seconds of your life to rectify that and hit the link above.

The most fascinating part of this week's #RTRS podcast? Dungeness crab eggs benedict sounds really good.

Not surprisingly, nyunole's take on Levin's meeting with Hawes wins the prize:

"This didn't end up humanizing Spencer as much as I feared. Good job! I heard it as 'had a condom on me'. Dropping the pronoun really took it from the gutter and into the sewer. Again, good job!"


Days after this was originally posted, I still don't have a coherent response to this picture. However, a quick scan of the Sixers' Facebook page reveals plenty of fans who have thoughts on Bubbachuck as a pirate:

"NBA does not make sense without Allen Iverson"
"Arron McKie"
"Why did you post this?"
"My dude I miss his azz...I still have fantasies of him returning" (FYI: This wasn't me.)
"Go home Sixers...your drunk"
"all time BEST angkel breaker"
"Doesn't pat croce own a pirate museum?"
"I'm going with HERSEY HAWKINS. '-)"
"Good to see you Allen. You are the best! The only reason I went to the game was to see you and Kyle Korver.It was so much fun and exciting. Music blaring,people dancing and screaming. Now there is hardly any music and the Sixers always played better with music because it gets the fans going. Now it's boring and just another basketball game. SO SAD." (FYI: This wasn't me, either.)

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