Why I'm no longer a Josh Harris fan

What's up gentleman, it's your good friend potato, the guy who's good for a meltdown or two once a week; this week I'm hopping on the anti-Josh Harris bandwagon.

Josh Harris of course is in the news for a seemingly imminent transaction in which he would acquire the NHL's New Jersey Devils. That's right, the same New Jersey Devils who have crushed our stanley cup dreams several times, most notably the horrific 2000 NHL Eastern Conference Finals in which the Flyers held a 3-1 series lead, then the Devils sent their goon Scottie friggin Stevens to knock him back to 6th grade, and would go on to take the series.

It absolutely sickens me!!! It really boils my blood, I'm a huge Philly fan. A true 4 for 4er that takes my teams very serious. Every year I watch my crappy 6ers, switch to the choking Flyers, then watch the Eagles make the same damn mistakes they were doing 8 years ago. For a good part of my life, the Phillies were mostly terrible, so I have really enjoyed the recent success and still enjoy watching the current depleted and disappointing squad, but I'm cool with it given all they done.

When the Josh Harris group acquired the 76ers a couple years ago, I got pretty amped because he seemed/is a smart businessman that could make a lot of bold moves and could actually have a legit strategy unlike Ed Snider who seemed to just own the team because they were there; he sorta treated them as if they were a cool collectors item that sits in your garage or is framed on your wall.

The thing that excited me most was the Bynum move. I was thrilled, not only did we land a legit Center, but we got rid of the mediocre-ness that was Iggy. I wasn't Iggy's biggest supporter, he was a fantastic player, but he was such a road block with his contract/to the young players that you just had to recognize he was of value to other teams and you could trade him and get something for him.

I also really enjoyed the big press conference, hanging out with Monty G and the other crazy bastards. There was actually an atmosphere at a 6ers event, you could feel the love and energy in the building that just can't be felt anywhere else. It was awesome...which is why I can't wait to go to the November 8th game against Cleveland and boo the hell out of him!!!!!! Seriously screw that guy!

The best move to date was the hiring of Sam Hinkie. Although I was highly upset for the Jrue trade, I have taken the time to come to terms with the move and actually really like it. Wish Jrue the best, what a great player that developed in front of our eyes(suck it people who wanted Ty Lawson!!!!) Hopefully though we switch Justin Holidays number to 11 so I can make something out of my 2 Jrue Jerseys. Also A++++ for FINALLY DRAFTING INTERNATIONAL talent.

Even the move in which we obtained an NBA-Developmental team really excites me, that's the kind of boldness and intelligence we have been waiting for from the 6ers.

For a while now, it really looked like Josh Harris knew what he was doing. Although all my other Philly brothers bashed Adam Aaron and the group for their decision making, I have always stuck up for them.

Now I just feel a little betrayed. I know this is a bitter and immature feeling, but I can't help it. When Josh Harris bought the Philadelphia 76ers, he entered this community and everything it stands for. We love our teams, even though the 6ers are the red headed step child, everybody's gotta soft spot for them; Even Angelo Cataldi.

Why is Harris doing this? Is it merely just a good business opportunity, is he actually trying to monopoly in real life, or is he just simply doing it because he doesn't care?

Does Harris care about the city of Philadelphia, because if he did he wouldn't be doing this.

The Devils are the enemy, they are no different than the Giants, Cowboys, Rangers, Mets, Penguins, Celtics, or Knicks. They are right up there, #1 on my list just because they made me cry one too many times haha!! They danced on my dreams, Scott Stevens, Marty, Scotty Nieds, Ellias, Gomez....yuck I don't even like typing these demons.

I don't want my owner hanging out with Dr J one night, and the next be pictured retiring Scott Gomez's number...oh man this is bad.

I'm not gonna stop supporting the 6ers of course, they are still my island of misfit NBA Players, and who could pass on Kwame Brown's smile, but I'm no longer a Josh Harris fan.

For as good as he's done, I don't even want to see him at games. If he speaks somewhere, I will boo. Hopefully he just sells the team to somebody who cares about the city.

I will not stand for this, and neither should you!! Stand up Philadelphia, don't support this or say it's petty and immature, it's not, this is serious. Imagine if Dave Montgomery bought the Cowboys, or Jeff Lurie bought the Mets, or maybe Ed Snider buys the Celtics...ewww keep those thing away from my city.

Go Sixers!!

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