Possibilities for 76ers' Other First Round Pick

It's tank season for the 76ers, and the buzz around Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle among others has begun. The expectations for these players may or may not be blown out of proportion. The 2014 draft could be one of the greatest drafts of all time, and there is more than just the players at the top of the board. The 76ers are rebuilding through the draft and as far as we can tell so far, they have picked the right year to do it. The 76ers acquired the Pelicans' 2014 first rounder in the Jrue Holiday trade. The pick is most likely going to end up in the late lottery to early twenties range. We've all heard about the big shots, now let's take a look at some of the players that are projected to be available for the Sixers' second 1st round pick.

Wayne Selden, SG, Kansas

There is no guard/wing player in the 2013 high school basketball class that is more physically imposing than Wayne Selden. He actively uses his physical gifts on the court, he just knows how to make an impact with them. Selden has flown somewhat under the radar by recruiting rankings, there definitely are some other greats in this class, it is just hard to believe that with his athletic ability that the media isn't drooling over him like they are with other guys. Selden can flat out get to the basket and already has the tools to finish there on NBA defenders. His jumper has been something he has needed to work on, and it has improved a lot. Selden now has a quicker release and was a participant in the McDonald's High School Three Point Contest, which may not mean much, but it has to mean something. Selden has expressed that he is serious at becoming a great defender. It's safe to say that he should continue to fly under the radar with Andrew Wiggins as a teammate. Selden would fill in very nicely at the shooting guard position for the Sixers.

Gary Harris, SG, Michigan State

Harris finds himself at a really nice situation at Michigan State where he is going into his sophomore year, still only 18 years old and is surrounded by experienced players and a great coach. It really was a great decision all around for Harris to play another collegiate basketball season. Gary Harris can hit shots whether it is off of the dribble creating his own shot or in catch and shoot situations. Harris may be a better fit with for the Sixers than Wayne Selden from a shooting standpoint. I'd say Selden has more potential and is a better all-around player, but the Sixers need some guys that can shoot the ball, that is what makes Harris worth taking a look at. He is a scrappy defender, and should only improve on defense at Michigan State. Harris' lack of athleticism may hurt him in the NBA. He may find it much more difficult to break down defenses and get to the basket. He's a very promising pick for next year's draft.

Glenn Robinson III, SF, Michigan

This would be a pure potential pick for the 76ers, it's definitely an option, but if the Sixers trade Evan Turner, and draft Robinson III, I'm not sold on him being a starter in this league. Great athleticism, but doesn't have the ball handling to create his own shot with his athleticism. Robinson III isn't a good shooter, and seems to be limited to only the catch and shoot shot. That's going back to not being able to create his own shot. He is listed at 6'6" and that makes him fairly undersized for a small forward. I don't see him playing shooting guard because he just isn't good with the ball in his hands. Certainly a boom or bust pick, it still must be considered, but seems very risky for a draft pick this important for the 76ers. Staying for his sophomore season was a great move for someone so raw.

Aaron Gordon, PF, Arizona

Gordon could go in the top 3, but he could also find himself in the late first round depending on how his freshman year plays out. I'm not going to lie, this would be a very flashy pick. Gordon is mostly known for his dunks and highlight plays. However, if he can continue to develope his shooting, I see one of the more polished players in the 2013 high school class. Gordon must work on moves around the post, but he actually has a very underrated touch around the basket. He was great hands and ball handling for a big man. Some say that he is a tweener, I see a power forward. Gordon won't have severe size problems at 6'9" with great length and shot blocking ability. The 76ers only do this if they have already selected a guard with their first pick. Again, a very flashy pick, but definitely an option for the Sixers.

Mario Hezonja, Croatia, SG

This guy could be the steal of the draft, but I wouldn't be putting him on top of anyone's draft board just yet. I'm not sure if he would play immediately in the NBA or continue to play professionally overseas. I'm going to try to contain myself with this guy, as I haven't seen very much yet, but he sure looks good. Hezonja has a lot of things you want out of your wing player. He is just explosive and has a great feel for the game. Hezonja is a smooth shooter with great size for a shooting guard at 6'7". He can really get out on the fast break and run. Hezonja is just a wild card right now. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

A lot will happen between now and next year's draft, but this is just an early look at some of the guys that could be on the 76ers' radar.

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