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OK, I don't know if anyone is interested in Dante, but I've decided to do a running fan post, just to keep Liberty Ballers updated on what's happening with Dante over the next 9 months. Will he or won't he is the big question right now. If Dante does decide to skip College and declare for the 2014 draft, I'll keep Liberty Ballers in the loop as to where Dante's playing and how he's performing.

Dante is due to graduate school at the end of this year. Australia'' school year runs from February to November. NBL (National Basketball League - Australia's top league) teams are already looking to recruit Dante for the second half of the NBL season, it has already been reported that the Perth Wildcats have expressed an interest in Dante.

Dante can sign with any NBL team as a development player, and keep his college eligibility. Or, if he wants to be a signed, contracted player, Dante would have to fit under the NBL salary cap. It's unlikely an NBL team would release a player to sign Dante to a lucrative (by NBL standards) contract. More likely Dante would look to sign on with a team which has money left under the Salary Cap.

Ex NBA player and current head coach of the Melbourne Tigers, Chris Anstey, has publicly stated that Dante should skip college and declare for the 2014 NBA draft. The Melbourne Tigers may have the inside track if they wish to sign Melbourne borne Dante Exum, if he decides to sign and play in the NBL for the second half of the season.

Currently Dantes’ main concern is that he’s not physically mature enough for the NBA. He knows he has to continue working on his skill set, but his recent stint training with Patty Mills (Spurs) and Matthew Dellavedova (training camp with the Cavaliers), and playing for Australia against New Zealand brought home that he’s not physically mature enough to compete against men yet.

Dantes' been spoken about in Australian basketball circles since he was 15.

Mix Tape

2013 Nike Hoop Summit: Top 15 Plays - Dante Exum #1

The NBL's hey days were in the late 1980's and 1990's. The league has contracted over the last decade, lost much of it financial pull, lost a few teams and lost many (all) of it's great players and coaches.

If Dante was to sign on with a NBL team for the second half of the season, the two teams I would like to see him go to are either the Sydney Kings or Melbourne Tigers. As I mentioned above, the Tigers are coached by ex NBA and Australian rep player Chris Anstey. The Kings are coached by Ex NBA and Australian rep player Shane Heal.

Shane was arguably one of Australias' greatest point guards, 3 point shooters, and infamously had a run in with Charles Barkley at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Shane was killing the USofA team with his outside shooting and Barkley charged him as he let another one fly from the left side. Shane was still in the air when Barkley dropped his shoulder and collided with Shanes mid drift. If you want to watch it, check the video below at the 4:20 mark. Or watch the the whole thing. Shane starts lighting it up from around the 3 minute mark.

Also Shane made it on to NBA Action when he played for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Quick Links:

Aussie youngsters Ben Simmons & Dante Exum throwing down some dunks after a Boomers training session.

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