Royce White (audio interview) for MPR - August 2, 2013


A conversation with NBA player Royce White about fighting for accommodations in the workplace. Part of a special report, produced by MPR's All Things Considered, that looks inside the state's mental health services for perspectives on what's working and the parts that are often overwhelmed.

While White never played a game for the Rockets because he wanted the team to address his anxiety disorder. Houston traded White to the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers last month. Whether he'll actually play for the team is still up in the air.

Royce White joins MPR News' Tom Crann in the studio.

Highlights from the interviews:

When were you first aware of your Anxiety disorder? - systems, 16 years old. Diagnosed at 18.
What kind of treatment are you receiveing? Are you happy with your treatment: Professional counseling, learning t understand the interplay between his anxiety and his phobias. Knowing his triggers, knowing how to work himself down. Managing Appetite. Diet. Rest.

Does it affect what happens on the court? He feels must at home on the court. But a bad night prior can effect game day. The game doesn't trigger episodes.

How do you respond to the Grandstanding charge? - It was public before I was a Rocket. The media was waiting for their stories. First time I didn't show up for a meeting, the media was ready with their series of questions and filing their stories. I have a diagnosed disability. ADA Law says that you have a right to mental health accomodations from yur employer - if they have over 50 employees. I'm aware that I am asking for things that they have never had to deal with before. Its good for Corporations to be accountable. Good for us to ask tough questions.

Do you see an outcme with the 76ers that will allow you to play? Yes. Any specifics about travel? Allowing me to bus to games that are reasonable, fly when not. Not fining me for travel delays, related to those accomodations.

Featured Audio: NBA player Royce White speaks on fight for workplace accommodations

Royce White discussses his anxiety and the NBA

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