2013 Offseason Madness

I just can't stop thinking about all moves Hinkie has made. I'm rolling from all the different emotions from excited to sad to optimistic to missing Jrue again. So hopefully putting my thoughts on paper help get them out of my head. I guess we could just wait and see what happens, but what fun is that? The Sixers are starting to look like the Rockets before Harden. I remember oft thinking wtf are they doing. But if we look at the team rather than a few individuals, you'll find we're in a pretty good spot. What I like most about our current situation are all of these young players that could turn out to be home runs. MCW, Noel who I think is the next Dwight, Moultrie who I think can be a middle class man's Lamacus Aldridge headline my hopes. I also love the pickups of Southerland, Wyatt and the rest of the players likely headed to the d league for a year or two.

I came into Cuse the same year as MCW and have seen almost his entire college career. I was ready to move on (Tyler Ennis baby!) but I thought he needed another year to be considered near the top 10. I didn't like his professional outlook, but the more I think about it, he has a chance to be special. Even tho I wish we had Trey Burke instead, the situation compares alot to Jrue and Ty Lawson a few years ago. Burke is much better right now, but he just doesn't have all the tools MCW does. For his position he has elite size, length, and athleticism. He has an great first step and has good bounce. He's a lot like Turner in the sense he thinks he's much better than he actually is, but unlike Turner he won't let a couple of mistakes take is head out of the game.

Right now, our roster would resemble this (by the end of the year):

PG) MCW SG) OJ Mayo SF) Evan Turner PF) Arnett Moultrie C) Nerlens Noel 6) Thad Young 7) J Rich 8) 00 9) IranMan 10) James Southerland 11) Lavoy Allen 12) Kwame Brown
D Leauge:
PG) Khalif Wyatt SG) Justin Holliday SF) Rodney Williams PF) Trevor Mbakwe C) Micheal Eric

I would sign OJ Mayo to a Thad type of deal. He would be probably cost around 8 mil a year, which isn't bad for 18 ppg. He would be our go to scorer by default and have a chance to become one of those second tier stars much like Jrue last year. I'm not sure how much of the cap we have to use under the new CBA, but that should get it done.
Finally, I have to address what I've been seeing a lot. Trading Thad Young. Unless we are blown away (I kind of like the OKC deal a LB user recently suggested) we should not be trading him at least until next offseason. If it is one guy that I would want these young kids learning from and following, it would be Thad Young, the consummate professional.

PS: excuse typos and formatting, sent from my iPhone.

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