2014 Draft Position And Rotation

Since this year the sixers are expected to tank, they should be in good position for next years draft and free agency. The draft is stacked with talent at nearly every position.lets take a look at the consensus top five prospects for four main ideas: strengths, weaknesses, how they would fit with us, and what the offseason would look like if we were to draft them.

1. Andrew Wiggins-SF.

Andrew Wiggins OFFICIAL Senior Year Hoopmixtape! Best Player In High School! (via Hoopmixtape)

Measurements- Height- 6'8"/Weight- 205. Strengths: Wiggins is an NBA ready prospect NOW. He has NBA caliber athleticism. Has a consistent drive game and can finish at the rim. Jump shot stroke is almost perfect. Has good range. Plays superior defence and is a threat on the boards. Solid passer. Has the ability to play the two guard and both forward spots with growth. Has almost an infinite ceiling. Weaknesses: Needs to bulk up at only 200 pounds. His three ball is not perfect. Off ball defence AND offence needs some work. Not as aggressive as could be. Fit with us: As a Sixers fan, he could be Phillies next big thing. He is over flowing with potential. Some have rated him the best prospect since Lebron James.With right pieces this team could be the best young team in the NBA with a little experience. Philadelphia can be once again on the map on Philly sports. Offseason: In this scenario him and our Pelicans pick should almost move any Collins era players off of the roster with exception of Thad. Basically his arrival could remove years of rebuild and put us in position too deep playoff run within a year. My line-up would be:


SG-Khaliff Wyatt or Pelicans pick.

SF-Andrew Wiggins

PF-Thad Young

C-Nerlens Noel

Notables: Kazemi, Rodney Williams, Kwame Brown, Royce, Moultrie and free agents like Nate Robinson or Luol Deng could be good additions as vets.

2. Marcus Smart-SG.

Measurements-Height- 6'4"/Weight- 225 Strengths: A great all-around guard that does the things big men do well. Sets screens, makes great passes, and good offensively and defensively in transition. Very physical. Gets to the line when he wants to. Lets the game come to him. Plays patiently. Has a good shot. Heavy for a 2. Weaknesses: Short for a 2. Shot is not very consistent. Sometimes bites easily on pump fakes and has to chase ball handler. Potential is high but his shot must be more consistent. Fit with us: He can bring Dwyane Wade abilities to our franchise with a similar build and style of play. His hustle is very great. He brings great energy and with a solid bench should allow Sixers to grow. Offseason: With him being a two, the Sixers will need to move someone and try to bring in a big name. My pipe dream is Melo. If that happened the sixers lineup sold be filled with facilitators and playmakers alike. But, I would prefer a big capable of being a body down low. Most likely Okafor. Another possibility for Philly is to make a run at Paul George.


SG-Marcus Smart

SF-Luol Deng

PF-Thaddeus Young

C-Nerlens Noel

Notables- Kazemi, Wyatt, Okafor, Moultrie and Pelicans pick.

3. Jabari Parker-SF.

Measurements-Height-6'8"-Weight-225. Strengths-Already pro ready. Shows great aggressiveness. More developed jumpshot than Wiggins. Has the ability to pull from any where. Draws comparisons to Melo. Plays great defence on the wings. Has great strength. High ceiling. Consistent three. Weaknesses-Not as athletic as he could be. Has trouble getting to the line. Struggles offball at times. Stars down his passing targets in the lane. Fit with us: His presence as well a s wiggins can help us draw a chip back to Philly. Parker being able to catch and shoot should help open up lanes for MCW and open the floor up for the bigs. Offseason: The offseason would be nearly identical to Wiggins.

4. Julius Randle-PF.

Measurements-Height-6'9"-Weight-250. Strengths-Excelent ball handler for position. Good mid-range jumper. Has great aggression. Incredibly powerful. A bully in the lane. Good post moves. Gets to the free throw line with regularity. Weaknesses-Has an ok three but needs to expand. His defense is not a good as expected. Fit with us.-He can form a great duo with Noel. Spreads the floor for other bigs. Offseason: Franchise player with less publicity. He is Royce White without the problems and a higher ceiling. He is a mismatch nightmare and if he develops his game he can be virtually unstoppable with other bigs.


SG- Pelicans Pick

SF-I want Paul George but will switch withe the 2 position for Wyatt

PF-Julius Randle

C- Nerlens Noel

Notables: Thad, Kazemi, Holiday, Wyatt, Kyle Lowry, Okafor, and Lavoy Allen.

With This loaded 2014 draft class and its free agency the Sixers have set themselves up so they can succeed with a little help from the ping pong balls. The grand prize is Wiggins but the others are not bad consolation prizes. Hinkie is sure to make some calls and the Sixers should be able to get into trades involving Turner for young guys like Thompson or Barnes. Ultimately he is planning for the future. Some young guys I want him to target are like Paul George if he matches the OS. He should also look for a trade for Austin Rivers to help fuel this youth movement.

The Sixers are not the only one planning for the future, The Suns should be a major threat. Other potential suitors are the Wizards, Jazz, Kings, and the Magic. They will all be in the hunt for Wiggins. Remember we have possibly two first round picks in this draft class. So for all of you tankers and dreamers out there bare with me this season because success is not that far away. Thanks for reading.

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