Optimistic Thoughts

Could this program be turned around in one year? I really think so.

I have to imagine that we will have a lot of money next year going into what will be a HUGE summer for free agents. If we end up with two great top ten picks...would a high end free agent be interested in coming to Philly? Realistically we will have two lottery picks. Our pick should be top 3 unless something crazy happens. And the Pelicans pick could be a lateHlottery pick without injuries and could also be a top 5 pick with some lottery help or if one of their key players gets injured.

Our pieces right now that could be a part of a great rotation in the future include...

1) Thaddeus Young- great role player. Ideally he is coming off the bench and providing energy.

2) Nerlens Noel- great defender who I'd imagine will gain some bulk while sitting out with an injury. As a guy who suffered an ACL injury myself he should be jumping higher and more explosively than ever before.

3) Michael Carter Williams- could develop into a solid unselfish point guard. He will never be a star and isn't necessarily an ideal starting point guard right now. However, he is a good defender and passer. His decision making skills should naturally improve as he will have a year to figure out everything with little pressure as the starting PG. If he can develop a post game he can still be a very valuable asset to a future Sixers team. A jumper would be nice but I don't see it ever getting better than servicable.

4) Royce White- I went back and watched some of his college tape and Summer League games. I really do see some strong potential in White. He is a great passer, rebounder, and a solid scorer. I think he sticks and flies to games like he said he would. And he is a willing and able defender. Love this big physical wing/post player.

I don't see Evan Turner sticking for much longer. Next year we will undoubtedly draft a better player than Turner who will need the ball in his hands. If Turner was traded to the Bobcats I honestly think he could become a great player because he needs the ball in his hands...but there is no way he will get the ball in Philly.

If we get the first pick we will undoubtedly pick Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins is expected to be the next LeBron. The dude is an athletic freak and really looks like LBJ when he was in HS.

If we land in the top 3 I don't see us not picking Jabari Parker or Marcus Smart. Parker is drawing comparisons to Carmelo Anthony. That comparison looks spot on from what I've seen from Parker. Smart has looked great in the U-19 games and looks like a really solid wing player ala Pippen or Harden.

So top 3, we are undoubtedly getting a star. Can't miss with those three.

With the Pelicans pick we could potentially get Willie Cauley-Stein. He's a big boy and would allow us to move Noel to PF permanently. Those two would form a phenomenal defensive front court. I would love this selection.

If not Cauley-Stein I would love to get James Young. Young is a great scorer and would be an awesome complement to Wiggins or Parker. He can really stretch the defense with his trey ball and can drive when needed. He also has some solid vision and takes smart shots. I would really really love this pick.

Julius Randle is another guy that makes sense outside of the top 3. He has a really nice mid range jumper that could make things easier for Noel down low considering his current lacking offensive repertoire.

Lastly, Kaleb Tarczewski is another guy I like. He's a big boy like Cauley-Stein and would allow Nerlens Noel to slide to PF. This would strengthen our post defense and allow Noel to perform at a higher offensive level with a smaller, weaker defender on him.

With all this said we could have lineups without a major free agent that would look like any of the following:

PG- Michael Carter-Williams

SG- Marcus Smart

SF- Royce White

PF- Nerlens Noel

C- Willie Cauley-Stein

PG- Semaj Christon

SG- Andrew Wiggins

SF- Royce White

PF- Thaddeus Young

C- Nerlens Noel

PG- Michael Carter-Williams

SG- Jabari Parker

SF- Royce White

PF- Nerlens Noel

C- Willie Cauley-Stein

There are so many scary combinations and a lot of them could lead to MCW and Thaddeus Young coming off the bench and that would be incredible. And this is all without a major signing. We should have a lot of money next summer (tell me if I'm wrong) and I can't imagine people not being interested in joining a young promising rotation like the ones shown above.

Just to give an idea of the people whose contracts expire next summer (obviously the majority of these guys will be resigned by their current teams):

PG: Kyrie Irving, Darren Collison, Ricky Rubio, Tony Parker, John Wall

SG: Dion Waiters, Jamal Crawford, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Austin Rivers

SF: Paul Pierce, Luol Deng, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Harrison Barnes, LeBron James

PF: Dirk Nowitzki, Zach Randoloph, Greg Monroe, Patrick Patterson, Pau Gasol, Larry Sanders, Amare Stoudemire, Tim Duncan

C: Chris Bosh, Andre Drummond, Anderson Varejao, Demarcus Cousins

Call me crazy but I find it hard to imagine that not one of these guys would want to play with a young, talented team like the 2014 Sixers SHOULD be

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