Should the Sixers make a run at Monta Ellis?

Milwaukee Bucks point guard Monta Ellis has declined his $11 million player option to return next season. It seems Ellis's future with Milwaukee is facing great uncertainty, and may become a free agent should he decline offers beyond June 20th. Which would make him a possible target for the Sixers to pursue come free agency.

There has been talks in the past that the Sixers could make the old Andre Iguodala-Monta Ellis swap in a straight up trade, but the office never bit on it. Monta Ellis would bring an excellent set of offensive shooting skills to the back court with Jrue Holiday, but his effort on defense is a big question mark. It may seem the Sixers already have shooters in players Nick Young and Dorrell Wright, but Ellis would bring an even better three-point shooting presence in the backcourt with Jrue Holiday at point.He may bring that shoot the lights out threat, but doesn't mean a thing if he doesn't play defense. Perhaps he could be a bench warmer, and only come off the bench as long as he's getting a good amount of minutes per game. He'd also be a great go to guy for when you need a three to tie up a game or game winning shot possibly.

Though Jrue could still use help in the backcourt. Evan Turner is known to play tight smothering defense but is inconsistent majority of the time. Doesn't that sound familiar? He tries to do too much to prove he's worthy of that second overall draft pick in 2010. Jason Richardson was a great shooter for us as he's played in only 33 games this season. Richardson brings you that veteran in the locker room piece, but the issue there is, can he stay healthy?

If the Sixers are to make space to make a signing in free agency, it will be incredibly hard for someone to take on that fat contract. If Richardson is indeed moved, do you go after Josh Smith who should be of quality service at the power forward position? Do you make a max offer to Dwight Howard? Do you make moves for depth? or do you find that guy that can shoot the lights and and possibly give you the three's when you need it? That's when the thought of Monta Ellis comes into play. Do you sign him? What will his role be? If he doesn't play defense, do you sign him to bring that shooter mentality?

Dorrell Wright gives you that shooting and scoring ability and Nick Young provides that scorer mentality to constantly put points up on the board. They are good scorers but for a reasonable price for a shooter, I wouldn't mind taking a risk on bring in Ellis. But he'd come off the bench behind the starting two guard or point. The draft takes place under three weeks, and there's questions who or what the Sixers should draft on.

New general manager Sam Hinkie has been heavily focused on the situation of working out prospects for the upcoming draft on June 27. Questions are should they draft a big man? Should they draft a scorer for a backcourt presence to compliment Jrue Holiday? Should they stay put? Should they trade down or trade back? There are now reports a head coach will not be named until after the draft. Sam Hinkie is doing his homework to find pieces that fit, and find a coach that will help mold this team into it needs to be a future contender.

Though, this is a weak draft, and a bad draft to have a top five pick. There are no can't miss and fundamentally sound players who will contribute day one. But if they're looking for a scorer who would a good backcourt compliment to Holiday, local player C.J. McCollum from Lehigh University may be your guy. it's most likely he doesn't fall any higher than the No. 8 overall draft pick, which Detroit currently has possession of.

if they decide to go big man, they may go with Kelly Olynyk or Cody Zeller who are both athletic and offensively gifted. Though they both aren't dominant in terms of defense, and only provide offense in the paint. If Olynyk were to be the selection he will not be expected to be an immediate starter. But if they go big man if the draft, expect Monta Ellis's name to pop up in conversations if they're to look for a shooter and scorer.

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