NBA Draft 2013: Sixers Sign Undrafted Free Agent Rodney Williams of Minnesota

Look at those athletic high-fives! - Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Athlete. Athalete. Aflete.

The Sixers drafted 140 second-round picks in the NBA Draft. Though Glen Rice Jr., Nate Wolters, and Ricky Ledo will not be playing for them, Arsalan Kazemi will, and he'll be joined by undrafted Rodney Williams, the hysterically athletic wingman out of the University of Minnesota.

There's no question Rodney is one of the most athletic players in the nation. If he went out a few years ago, he would've been a first round pick. He pulled a Scottie Reynolds, his flaws were exposed, and he fell out of the draft entirely. Kid just can't do much outside of jumping. If basketball had a live action Super Mario Bros. element to it, then he'd serve more of a role. But as of now, he's just a supremely gifted human with no tangible skills. Like an even less skilled Gerald Green.

And that's great! The Sixers have a D-League team for a reason. And this is the reason. Rodney will be a Seven(s), dunk on tons of people, and work on his jumper. Odds are, as a 21-year-old beast who bested everybody else's no-step vert at the combine, he won't ever be a basketball player. But these are the kinds of guys you can gamble on with a D-League system in place.

Here's SB Nation's The Daily Gopher on RW:

Rodney Williams is crazy athletic and at one point was considered a lottery pick caliber player. Unfortunately he struggled to improve in some key skill areas namely dribbling and shooting. He would also disappear for stretches and was a point of frustration for Gopher fans while dominating competition and looking like an NBA caliber player at others. Athletically he is gifted enough to play at the next level but it will take some development in those skill areas. It is hard to know if his lack of development was due to not being properly coached and pushed or if that is just a mountain he cannot climb. A year or two in the D-League might be a good fit for Rodney but more than likely I expect he'll be playing overseas for the rest of his basketball career.

He'll be a fun follow this year as he bricks jumpers, dribbles off his foot, and hits his head on the ceiling throwing down an alley-oop.

We'll have more on undrafted free agents as the info comes in. For our full NBA Draft hub, click here.

And here's a podcast with Spike Eskin and me talking about the draft, the trade, and the Hinkie.

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