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I'm bored often. And I often think about basketball. Often those times are when I think about how to make the Sixers better, I probably spend nearly the same amount of time stressing over the Sixers as Hinkie Collins Stefanski DiLeo King Thorn (Thorn?) Thorn, Snider (not that little)... Croce. Sure, as Croce did.

I'm obsessive, I talk like I actually have any idea what I'm talking about, whether it be with friends, fellow fans like you guys or just to myself in the shower. I research like I'm getting paid. And I get wrapped up in every draft and prospect like I have the Midas touch and if I can just swindle the right combination I could save this team, this town, these 76ers. But that gets annoying, and I stay up until 4AM printing binders of spreadsheets full of counting stats, advanced stats and made up stats that I invent to make Evan Turner continue to make sense to me. And let me tell you, its nearly embarrassing when you have work/interview/have to take your daughter to school and keep making her late. But I'm not in my 40s, so it's not weird yet, but it's not always fun or rewarding because usually all my hard work goes oddly unnoticed and the Sixers end up drafting Random Player X, maxing a over the hill big man or trading for Player Y that will not nearly be as impactful as we thought.

Run on sentences aside, I want to do something rewarding. Something just for fun, that no smart Sixers FO guy can upset me by doing something I have not approved.

PREMISE: To assemble a team consisting of this years draft prospects, just for kicks. An exercise in enjoyment and senseless wonder.

RULES: There are none. Except.

You can only pick one Top 10 Prospect, two 1st Round (11ish to 30ish) ranked guys, two 2nd Round prospects (31 & up) and one Non-Lottery (15 & up) ranked specialist: shooter, shot blocker, rebounder, athlete, etc.

Five starters and a 6th man. See, no rules.

The rankings depend on which Big Board you frequent or like best. [I used Draft Express' Big Board]



Point Guard: Trey Burke (Top 10 Prospect; 4th Overall)

Shooting Guard: Jamaal Franklin (1st Round Prospect; 23rd Overall)

Small Forward: Sergey Karasev (Non-Lottery Prospect; 20th Overall)

Power Forward: Mike Muscala (2nd Round Prospect; 34th Overall)

Center: Gorgui Dieng (1st Round Prospect; 14th Overall)

6th Man: James Ennis (2nd Round Prospect; 54th Overall)


With no stellar post threats to choose from as naturally I'd love to put together a team inside-out with premier big, I chose to assemble a Nuggets/Bulls hybrid type of team. One that will give you fits on defense with some bully ball/packing the paint and athleticism, length & speed, while causing trouble offensively whether by P&R, P&P, Iso, 3pt shooting, post game or highlight reel oops.


  • Trey Burke provides all the heart of the team, but he also has the talent to match. Awesome pull up jump shooter, if the play breaks down late. The quickness and vision to penetrate and kick out, without turning over the ball. He is the playmaker every team needs. [Draft Express Profile]
  • Jamaal Franklin has tons of potential, but can immediately produce defensively and as an off-ball slasher. Has room to improve as a shooter, but definitely knows how to score. His length and athleticism will allow him to guard 1 to 3, when called upon. [Draft Express Profile]
  • Sergey Karasev is a young gunslinger, he has deceptive athleticism and is pretty creative with the ball, both scoring and passing. He isn't particularly fast or long, but he has exceptional IQ for his age and can be a productive team defender. Most importantly he can score, he can shoot. [Draft Express Profile]
  • Mike Muscala one of the best available rebounding and post threats, he uses his length and athleticism exceptionally well for his frame. A fairly creative scorer, sometimes to a fault because he is getting moved off his pivot in the post sometimes but he has what it takes to face up and drive or shoot a mid range jumper. He is also a solid post defender and passer and gives his all on both ends. [Draft Express Profile]
  • Gorgui Dieng is an athletic big man defender, played for the National Champs and has all the experience needed to play in the pros. He isn't very offensive, but dedicates himself defensively and runs the floor well. He works best offensively on lobs and offensive rebounds. [Draft Express Profile]
  • James Ennis has everything you want in a wing, he is long and plays hard defense, athletic, can hit the open shot off the kick and works to get open. Biggest drawbacks are lack of consistent handle and being able create for other teammates. His specialty is athleticism. Makes a perfect bench player because he is experienced, smart and reliable. [Draft Express Profile]


Ahh, yes. That was very satisfying. No stress, no worries, just fun. Yep, just fun...

Dammit, if the Sixers don't get all 6 of these guys I will write a very nasty letter! You hear me Adam Aron Scott O'Neill... Adam Aron!


Post your Fantasy squad in a comment. Let's obsess and geek out together.

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