My Big Board for Sixers at 11

The Sixers are in an intersting position this offseason. With the Bynum conundrum and a new GM, the direction of the team is not yet known.

NEEDS: 1. Scoring wing 2. Backup PG Note: I do not feel that the team has a need at the PF/C. Although there could be some intriguing options (not necessarily good), the Sixers need to see what they have in some players and have a lot already. Better to not to go with a big man for the first time in forever. Although if other options were depleted and big man BPA, have to go with that.

Big Board (does not take into account those players that are not slated to near the Sixers pick)

1. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: this guy is becoming my favorite Sixers projected prospect. He projects as an athletic shooter who can rebound and with a little more strength, could be a good defender as well. One hole to his game as is that he is not a ball handler. This is fine for the Sixers because with Jrue and ET on the roster (for now), a SG who doesnt need the ball in his hands would fit right in.

2. CJ McCollum: Best Scorer in the draft and possibly the best shooter. He is probably my favorite overall player, but he projects as an "instant-offense" sixth man at the next level. His weaknesses are his foot and the competition. To the first, he was fine at the combine, and with the second, some of his best games were against Duke and Baylor. Could either be used as a backup PG or starting SG depending on the set.

3. Michael carter-Williams: he is a big, athletic PG with upside galore. Could serve as Jrue's backup or could play next to him in the starting lineup, depending on the Turner situation

4. Dennis Scroeder: Lightning fast guard who the Sixers could use as Jrue's backup. This would allow Jrue to play less minutes, without a huge drop off in production, allowing him to last through the year better

5. Steven Adams: Defensive potential and an improving offensive game are his calling cards. His jump shot at the combine, along with favorable testing in drills, gave teams hope moving forward for the Pitt Alum. Could go in the D-League for a year and maximize on his skills


Zeller: athletic, but soft. If he could prove he could play on the perimeter, he could be valuable, but I dont believe he will be

Plumlee: athletic big man who was able to get rebounds, hustle, but not block shot. In other words, he is Arnett Moultrie

Len: Foor problems for a big man, plus he compares to Spencer Hawes (need I say more)

Please leave comments below and I plan on writing some profiles on different players in the coming future

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