Show Your Luv to Sixers Fans. Message to owners.



However, restructuring didn't start from the guilty man. Doug Collins is a great Coach. Don't forget what he did with the same roster who played for Eddie Jordan as Head Coach. From lottery to 7 seed in the playoffs. Trust me rookie Evan Turner hasn't played a big role in this progress. Collins as coach of the young team did focused on defense, following the 2011-12 season 76ers were second in defense in NBA and the best team in low number of turnovers. From year to year we don't have good management of franchise. This is so sad. If we compare the basketball level of coach Collins and level of all Sixers General managers on a scale of 1 to 10, the Doug is 7 out of 10, the management deserves 3 out of 10. This 3 points behind a drafts Holliday, Thad Young, Nick Vucevic and the acquisition of Andrew Bynum. Yes, the Bynum trade is advantage for evaluating the General manager. The best low-post center in the league, the most dominant today, if he is healthy of course. Joshua Harris, Sixers owner, admitted that the Bynum experiment was a failure to this point, but didn't rule out the possibility of re-signing him.

"The Bynum thing obviously has been very disappointing," Harris said.

"There's no one scenario that is determinable right now," he continued. "Of course we're going to look at bringing Bynum back... a healthy. Bynum playing is a needle-mover."

I can’t disagree with Harris.

About Coach, I don't want to say that Collins was the perfect coach. Vucevic untapped talent, style of play through mid-range, and he continued to win games and to keep Holliday and Thad Young in the game when it became clear that they haven't chance to get into the playoffs. Hence there was a danger of injury of leaders, fell Draft stock - most importantly, I'm not talking about the depletion of the leaders after a long season. But to start a new page should hire realy professionals - assistants of outstanding general managers, because teams success depend on the selection of team players, firstable. Since the days of Samuel Dalembert we haven't a legitimate low-post defender and rebounder. I wrote despairingly on Twitter @ sixers, Adam Aron in Winter 2012 when Spencer Hawes was injured and Tony Battie was playing center, I wrote that the leadership has signed for "cents" released from the Kings JJ Hickson, available Rockets center Sammy Dalembert, who was later traded to the Bucks. Sam would improve our defense in the paint, Hickson 10 + rebounds on average, fast bigman would be very voluble for our front court. The team was weak in protecting the rim and on the boards, and what can be explained by the sharp decline in the 2011-12 season. Failures in this season can be attributed to the lack of Bynum, but it shouldn't be the end of story. General manager needs to see what the problem is, what his team needs and the problems are the same - the lack of a legitimate defensive big. But you can to acquire someone in trade before the deadline or sign Kenyon Martin for defense and rebound, compete for Thomas Robinson, trade 2nd rounder for Ronnie Brewer for perimeter defense etc. Our GM is willing to pay Hawes 6 million a year, Lavoy Allen 3 million a year for only 5.2 points and 4.7 rebounds in his career. Carl Landry, JJ Hickson receive 4 mlns a year! Think about it. Our management is very passive. The whole season doing just finding a backup PG, Jrue Holiday need a mentor PG. Fisher, Bibby, Earl Watson, for example, have been available. You could hire an assistant coach who played PG as professional. John Wall has Sam Cassel, Russell Westbrook has Maurice Cheeks, Steph Curry has Mark Jackson, Kyrie Irving had Byron Scott, SG as professional, but Scott worked and played with players like Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul. Front office was hiring inexperienced Wayans, Mack, Pargo, though I liked Pargo. He really was a good backup PG. Team in trouble what GM doing before deadline? The only trade 2 round pick for Jenkins. Terrible job of management.

I think the construction of a new franchise should approach by professionals. I can't figure out how such a this club with great history, in great city of Philadelphia can't create more profitable and interesting for fans basketball club. I, like many Sixers fans, dislike the management of the franchise. Franchise needs that people begin love Sixers, but the club must love and delight his fans by a good game of his team. For building a good team need a good scouting and proper selection of players. Our frame is All Star PG Jrue Holiday and effective andresize PF Thad Young. Turner can be a useful asset in the transfer market.

1. After the conclusion of doctors should take a chance and offer a contract for one year to Andrew Bynum about 6-8 millions.

2. Explore the free-agent market. No need to rush to the bright persons like Josh Smith, Al Jefferson, JJ Reddick. It should look at individuals such as Al-Farouq Aminu, JJ Hickson, and other role-players that can be very effective. Aminu could possibly be the top difender. He is athletic, great size small forward very good rebounder with a good shot! Great potential in this young man, what about Hickson, he will be always valuable - athletic, quick, rebound big. The ideal starter to Bynum or at all! Aminu deserves about 15-17 millions for 3 years, Hickson 12 mlns for 2 years.

3. The right thing with Evan Turner. It is better to exchange favorably, because he will be a free agent. I don't know what kind of contract he deserve. Lou, Iggy, Elton even Meeks were gone, the expected progress in the game didn't shown. Evan really doesn't right fit for our team. Team needs athletic, able to shoot and defend SF. Scoring SG, may be unuseful in OKC Jeremy Lamb, for example. Legitimate defensive big. Maybe Turners trade help us to aquire type a players that we need.

4. Perhaps the tank next season in pursuit of Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. Since next year could be the pilot verification assessment Andrew Bynum.

If you take a chance Turner / Hawes / Allen / Moultrie or all together in one of the trades and try to go over the proposed plan in the near future can be composed as follows: Holiday - Richardson - Aminu - Hickson - Bynum. Thad Young, maybe Howes, resigned Wilkins, and other role players off the bench. Sure in starting five only one ballhandler, but it is possible to level the signing of an experienced PG and Jrue will shift to SG. J-Rich is not seen as the SG for the future, he is with us, and he would be used. Sometime, you can find a SG who can drive the ball and Aminu can progress in this aspect of the game, him only 22 years old. This is only an illusion but all of the proposed players are not top-level players who will be followed by a hot pursuit so it's pretty realistic. Once again I urge owners don't entrust the franchise to lost the confidence and knowledge of modern basketball Rod Thorn, passive GM Tony DiLeo, the organization must deal with high-level professionals. People need first of all a good team play and prospects to win a championship, not confetti and revolutionaries. Especially the last one. Need to attract young people to basketball and methods must be youth respectively. Fashionable, modern music in the arena, modern, creative ideas for marketing, not a terrible group of revolutionaries. Partake of smart young people to media management and professionals - assistants of outstanding GM's in front of office. About the coach would only say - Michael Curry in the case of tank, my favorite Nate McMillan, Byron Scott and Scott Skiles.

I think it is start of building a contender!

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