Sixers at Wizards Preview/Game Thread - Semi-Charmed Basketball Life

Rob Carr

I want something else.

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Game 78
Verizon Center
7:00 PM EST
Probable Starters
Jrue Holiday
PG John Wall
Evan Turner
SG Garrett Temple
Damien Wilkins
SF Chris Singleton
Thaddeus Young
PF Nenê
Andrew Bynum Spencer Hawes
C Emeka Okafor
2012/13 Advanced Stats
90.9 (21)
Pace 92.1 (15)
101.8 (26)
ORtg 100.3 (30)
106.1 (15)
DRtg 102.9 (5)
Game Officials
Harry James Potter
Ronald Bilius Weasley
Hermione Jean Granger

Hello, friends, and welcome.

Tonight the Wizards and Sixers will face off in yet another meaningless basketball game. Well, maybe not completely meaningless? As Mike points out:

A Sixers loss to the Wizards tonight would be gigantic. Sixers up 2 games on the Wiz in the standings. 1 on Raptors. 2 on Wolves.

So maybe the Sixers will lose and improve their chances at getting a better draft pick. Or maybe they'll just Sixers it and win and leave us all feeling empty and cold inside. Either way it's guaranteed to be a lot of fun (lol) so discuss the game here!

Quick thoughts:

  • After tonight, only 3 games left. So close, guys.
  • I'll be taking over the official Liberty Ballers twitter account (@Philly76ersBlog) tonight so go follow me on there!
  • Kwame Brown hasn't played in a while. I'm not complaining.
  • Swaggy P returns to play his former team. Read more about that in the Wizards preview over at Bullets Forever.
  • The Wizards have a bunch of injuries. Trevor Ariza and Martell Webster are expected to miss this game while Leandro Barbosa and Bradley Beal are out for the rest of the season.
  • This will be the last Sixers game I cover for LB in the 2012-2013 schedule. It's been a pretty crappy season but it's still been a fun ride. Kudos to the great LB community for making the site such a special place. Luv you.

If you aren't near a TV you can listen to the game live on the radio on 97.5 The Fanatic or 97.3 Atlantic City or 1470 Allentown.

Complete 76ers vs Wizards coverage

76ers vs Wizards preview

DC Blog - Bullets Forever

tank tank tank tank tank

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