It's time to start the campaign: 'Tank For Wiggins'

Optimism is rarely high when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers. That being said, it's a particularly depressing time to be a fan of this franchise. The fact we are losing games isn't what makes it frustratingly poor, it's the way in which we are losing games. No-one can get to the foul-line, no-one bar Jrue can even come close to penetrating and Spencer Hawes just sucks at everything. I hate to criticise Coach Collins, he's made us better, but we are regressing - fast.

With that being said, this season is pretty much a write-off. We lie too far from the 8th seed to make a push. I know in an ideal world Bynum will get better and re-sign, but if his knees are 'de-generative' - there's no coming back on a consistent basis. I've been leaning towards re-signing him for a long time but that's not something I can see happening now. Should we continue the way we are going, a very high draft pick will greet us. Now, who to draft? Depending on the position, we should be looking at a few players. Should we finish 13th-15th in the conference, an injured Nerlens Noel could be someone worth drafting. Interest will be high in the shot-blocking sensation, but with his torn ACL, perhaps we can get him low in the lottery.

He'll miss all of the 2013/14 season, so we'll be at the same stage we are now. The next part of the plan is vital: we need to get worse. I mean Bobcat bad. 10-72 bad. Then we will be overwhelming favourites to get a top-2 pick for the much maligned 2014 NBA Draft which would give us the ability to draft a franchise changer: Andrew Wiggins, and to a lesser extent - Jabari Parker.

Wiggins is thought to be the best player to come into the draft since Kevin Durant. A franchise changer. It's the only realsitic way I can see us challenging for a Championship anytime soon.

A final question for you: would you rather mediocrity and a challenge for the 8th seed for the next 5 years, or a shocking couple of seasons and then the chance to draft a future superstar that would put us in contention for a championship?

As for a twitter hashtag, would this suffice? #Tank4Wiggins

Highly-unlikely, amazingly sounding potential line-up: Jrue-Evan-Wiggins-Thad-Noel

P.S - This is written slightly tongue-in-cheek. Of course it won't pan out like I say. If you want to discuss it with me on twitter, get at me: @GoonerFrank

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