Why Jrue Holiday has a lot more to learn and needs to be given mentor immediately

Let me start off by saying that Jrue has been my favorite player since his second season but ever since the all star break he just rubs me the wrong way. These are my problems with him:

1: 6'4 220 but never post up and never tries to go to the hole and get fouled. That's why it takes him 17 shots to get 18.4 points.(his efficiency and % would skyrocket). 3.2 free throws in 38 minutes a game is unacceptable.

2: Never pushes the ball even though he has displayed quickness and bad teams are supposed to run to get as many easy baskets as they can. He just walks up the court like they have some brilliant spurs halfcourt offense when they dont.. Also,the media needs to shut up about Cali swag when really he is lazy he just wants to jack up jumpers instead

3. Below Average handle for an All Star point guard. He can barely split doubles, horrible crossover and isolation moves(knight tripped over hawes),. I think he got the ball stolen in the first quarter of the Jazz game by a big. When do you see him break people down and score at the end of quarters?( Kyrie, Deron, Kemba, Paul, Rose, Wall, Lawson etc.) What isolation moves does he have? Why did we blame hawes for that missed lay-up vs the heat? Shouldn't our all star point guard have been able to break somebody down and get a quick field goal?

4. Can be erratic far too often. 4 turnovers a game. ( see stupid pass on a fastbreak 2 on 1 vs denver instead of making a smart pass, laying it in, or going up strong to get fouled.)

5. No will, passion, fire, and he is just a wuss sometimes. Doesn't even want to go to the hole and get a foul and the double teams were'nt the problem in the Clips game, he was scared of chris paul. From what I've seen he is scared of Chris, Russell, and Rose and I don't know why. The Clippers game had to be his first tech in his whole 4 seasons.One part of this section too is how he can never get to the ball on an inbounds play. That's why Turner in the denver game went to the free throw line and bricked and why wilkins had to take a shot at the end vs denver. You have to attack your opponent straight up and there is no excuse not to when you're one of the 5 biggest pure points in the league.

6. Does not take advantage. Sometimes when a big gets switched onto him, he pulls a jumper instead of using speed or when any smaller guard is on him he doesn't post and use his height/strength.

Silver Lining: Clutch, has all the physical tools to dominate all other guards with his size on offense and defense.

We have 2 options to do with him: Get him a crafty mentor like Iverson, Cheeks, or pick up billups/calderon in free agency to teach him some things. But then again he still didn't learn anything from Lou so idk. He needs to be Smarter, more Efficient, and Fearless if he wants to consistently be in the top 5 point guard conversation and take the Sixers to the next level.

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