Looking back on the Bynum fiasco

(I am not a writer, just a normal fan voicing my feelings)

(I will most likely butcher many words even though there is spellcheck)

This season has made me sick to my stomach. Almost everything that could have gone wrong has went wrong. Were now stuck with giving some horrible players(excusing Jrue, thad, and maybe Moultrie) considerable amount of minutes, and hoping for miracles.

If Bynum would have been even somewhat healthy this season there would be such a significant improvement in other players games(Wright, Swaggy, hell even Turner). Criticizing the last years trade is just stupid because it was the absolute best move the team could of made.This is an exert from ESPN of the grades given to the team for the trade:

What grade do you give the Sixers for this deal?

Adande: A. They were the ones who had to take on the Jason Richardson deal, but they also got a potential franchise center and finally ended the awkward relationship they had with Andre Iguodala, which was like a couple you knew would never get married. Being adjacent to Bynum's home state of New Jersey should help their chances to re-sign him, but, even if he leaves, they'll be flush with salary-cap space.

Arnovitz: B+. Spirited as their run was this past spring, the Sixers were destined for a succession of first-round exits. Betting on a young star like Bynum is their best long-term play, even if it costs them their best player in exchange. If Bynum walks next summer, the Sixers likely will be terrible and, consequently, afforded the chance to reload in the lottery. Either way, this gets them off the treadmill.

Gutierrez: B, only because they aren't sure they have a long-term commitment from Andrew Bynum, who becomes the best center in the Eastern Conference. If Jrue Holiday shines in a more conventional, center-driven offense, and Dorell Wright and Nick Young provide floor balance, the Sixers could threaten the Celtics, Pacers and Bulls as potential East finalists.

Palmer: B. For now. If Andrew Bynum doesn't sign an extension next summer, it's an F. A one-year Bynum rental is essentially worthless. If Bynum knows he's not sticking around, how many games do you think he'll play? I bet it won't be more than 40, and you can forget about the playoffs.

Stein: A. I don't know how much people outside of Philly are going to be talking about the Sixers today. But we/they should be. Exchanging Iguodala for Bynum -- someone who didn't grow up far from Philly and will have lots of incentive to re-sign there -- is beyond the Sixers' wildest hopes and dreams. The Sixers are starless no more, America.

I wish this season turned out like that...

I have no opinion on signing Bynum to a contract this offseason because frankly I think it is a lose-lose situation. What I am hoping for over the next 2-3 years is some horrible records and high draft picks. But knowing the Sixers horrendous luck with everything basketball, I dont know if even that would help this team turn into a contender. Doug is a great coach but not one the team needs because he is a dictator of every aspect of the franchise. Keep the president but fire Thorn and Doug and get some personnel that can make some wise yet risky decisions that will actually pay off.

If the team can trade Hawes and Turner this offseason that would be ideal just to get Hawes' awful contract off the books and to get rid of Evan "I hate being consistent" Turner. Even if they dont get great talent from it they should still make a trade, any trade.

(Well that was my jumbled mess of thoughts about this current Sicers squad. In no way was I attempting to write a well put together article so please dont criticize me, just wanted to put my thoughts out there and see if you all feel the same.)

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