Good Food For Our Front Office Thought!


Hello, depressed fans. I want to be very laconically, let's go.



PG - Holiday / Ivey / Pargo

SG - N. Young / Wilkins / Richardson (Out for season)

SF - CHANDLER / Wright

PF - ROBINSON / T. Young / Moultrie

C - Bynum / Hawes / Brown

Why Denver's front office interested in this trade?

Wilson Chandler very good player to use down the big stretch. After injury his playing time was parts between Iggy, Gallo, Brewer even Hamilton.. Coach Carl already use as his main wings 2 players: offensive Gallinari and defensive Iguodala. Masai Ujiri can't find sense to pay 5-6 millions per year next 4 years for silly help from the bench by Chandler who can't find his rhythm under 20 minutes. And instead Wilson Nuggets get nice compensation rebound & midrange men - Lavoy and good young shooter in Fredette.

Sacramento's interest.

Kings get decent clever guy - Evan Turner #2 pick from 2010 draft.. good rebounder and improve shooter.. we all know everything about him. Kings need that type of players. Claimed from amnesty Outlaw busted, trade-back Salmons busted. On the board young SF-SG with good potential. Future Sonics have potential good tandem ET with DMC. Stone it's a bonus. Duo ET & DMC > T-Rob & DNP. Young big boy have a lot of DNP's under his belt like for 4th pick.

SIXERS' interest.

Wilson Chandler very good player with athletic ability finish at the rim, shots from 3, mid range and very good defender! In our division playing guy's like Rudy Gay, Jeff Green, Pierce, Anthony and in our conference The Best Player in a World! Wilson good scorer but a nice fit for Sixers in defense versus good swingmen's.

T-Rob potential though starter! May be star. And his quickness, rebounding and defense would be great help for Andrew in frontcourt relationships. This big man hustle, fighting for rebound, strong defense a key for our main weakness.

Just imagine Sixers game. Starting with Jrue (All Star Playmaker & Scorer), Nick Young (Scorer), Chandler (Scorer & Perimeter defender), Robinson (Low post defender & rebounder), Bynum (Low post scorer & rebounder). - All those players good defenders except Nick but it's doesn't fear. We have GOOD bench! Thad Young not good he's great player from the bench OUR Sixth men and would make game quicker. Dorrel Wright put his isolation and shooting skills to the game. Hawes and Moultrie very good replace for starters. And Wilkins and Ivey good defenders. J-Rich replace Wrights role next year if Dorrel go.



PG - Holiday / WATSON / Ivey / Pargo

SG - Young / Wilkins / Richardson (Out for season)

SF - CHANDLER / Wright

PF - MILLSAP / Moultrie

C - Bynum / Hawes / Brown

It's more simple trade.

Nuggets' interest.

Throw away Chandler for the same reasons that I wrote before and get EVAN TURNER! WOW! That's all.

Jazz' insterest.

Utah's roster upgrade by a good 6th men who make quicker Jazz offense with big Al on the floor. And nice compensation by 4 years contract from nice hardwork, productive and disciline player in Thad Young. They are shoping Millsap and it's good deal for them.

SIXERS' interest.

We're get Paul Millsap. Quick, though power forward. His small size for PF will not such noticed near Bynum. Paul would be effective with or without Andrew and veteran PG for Jrue in Earl Watson it's nice fit. BUT we can sign Millsap this summer it's send us to...


It's simple Sammy Dalembert (35 point men!) for Hawes. Sammy brings more defensive and rebound ability to team and his contract expires for cap flexibility for signing good players Millsap for example not over 7M per year.

Let's Go Tony Dileo!

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