Sixers Bucks: Tha Dalembert Experience.

Sooo I go to UW to say I've been waiting for this game tonight for basically the entire season. I washoping bynum might return for it Regardless even though were most likely going to get rocked as the man,the myth, the legend, the mentor, SAM DALEMBERT will most likely drop 40 on Big Spence and show us why hes the canadian national teams prized possession, I will be at this game, and plan on making my presence known.

As the Bucks have probably the most pathetic fan base in the country...I will be sitting 8th row center court for 18$, a ticket I bought in class 10 minutes if there are any of you other sixers fans in the area, please consider coming.

Bradley Center tends to be completely quiet, last time i was in this situation they missed a foul call on a Lou drive to the basket, I called the reff Donaghy a bunch of times, and it was so silent that Doug himself turned around and dapped me up.

If there's anything any of you would like to say to any sixer player, coach, or bucks player, let me know in the comments or I guess you can tweet at me during the game and Ill yell em out at full volume.

I plan on being obliterated by the second quarter so anything goes. I plan on chanting PowerHouse for the entire first quarter and doing everything I can to pressure doug into playing Kwame so I can see Kwame V Dalembert for a brief moment, a dream matchup for me.

Like I said, we'll probably get pummeled, and I'll be gone by halftime, so I'll say anything you guys want... expletives generally included...Ill be the asshole in a Retro Sixers Jersey and Custom Bynum hat which I wish I could burn but was too expensive to do so....yelling unwavering praise and idolship at Big Sammy Dalembert from behind the announcers center court.

PS. One of my good friends at college went to highschool with Spencer Hawes. Im getting to meet him after the game.

I'm highly considering walking up to him, introducing myself, and when he goes to shake my hand, ball-tapping him and walking away. All other idea's will be taken into consideration...and Im a sucker for creativity.

Holla@Me---A more than disgruntled Sixer Fan

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