hypothetical trades

Trade One: Cap Relief & Young Assets

The Portland Trailblazers have been the biggest surprise of the NBA season thus far. With Damian Lillard, Wes Matthews, Nicolas Batum, and Lamarcus Aldridge they seem to have a young, solid core in place. The only thing missing? A center. And no, Robin Lopez is not their answer in the middle for years to come.

Houston’s Omer Asik has been reportedly asking for a trade since their acquisition of Dwight Howard. If you recall, the 7’1 European was in the running for Defensive POY last year and at only 26 years old, is a stud in the paint.

So where does Philadelphia come into place? I believe we can find a way to satisfy the needs of both teams, and reap the benefits by offering one player—Thaddeus Young.

Philadelphia Tradesà Thaddeus Young to Houston & Jason Richardson to Portland

Houston Tradesà Omer Asik, and Greg Smith to Portland & Terrence Jones to Philly

Portland Tradesà Robin Lopez and Allen Crabbe to Houston & CJ McCollum and Meyers Leonard to Philly

*all checks out with ESPN NBA Trade Machine

Philadelphia trades Thad Young and J-Rich (terrible 2 year deal), for 3 young players who were all first round picks the past two drafts and have had trouble finding minutes for these good teams. Leonard, McCollum (currently injured but labeled as a poor mans Steph Curry coming out of college), and Jones (putting up great PER numbers).

Houston trades Terrence Jones, Greg Smith, and Asik for Thaddeus Young & Robin Lopez. This makes sense for them because Asik wants out. Thad would be a PERFECT compliment to Howard and although the loss of Jones might hurt them, they are able to recoup a solid big-man off the bench in Lopez.

Portland definitely gives up the most in this deal, but they also have the most to gain. Crabbe, a second round pick out of Cal, does not look like he will be a rotation player in the league, and although getting rid of their two first round picks (McCollum and Leonard) would hurt, it was the worst draft in a decade and now they have a y oung defensive minded stud to anchor their team.

I think this deal is good for Philly because it makes us worse in the short-term. Getting rid of Thad and J-Rich means that we will not have any substantial contracts on the books past this season, and we are able to get 3 young promising prospects in Terrence Jones, CJ McCollum and Meyers Leonard. I think it is a win-win-win for each team and where they currently stand in the NBA Landscape. I believe Portland and Houston would both be interested, however, it may take a second round pick for either of them to be fully convinced, and it’s a good thing we have 3 of them this year.

New Starting 5:


2.McCollum (once return from injury)/Wroten/ Anderson

3. Turner

4. T. Jones/Lavoy Allen

5. Hawes/Meyers Leonard

Uh-oh…still decent enough to win games? Lets change that.

Trade Two: Turner to Draft Picks

Given how well Turner is playing we should easily be able to swing a first round pick for him. This is important that we do so because then well have 3 first round picks in the upcoming draft, and lose way more games this year with for example, Ben Gordon, on our team than ET

Turner to Charlotte for Ben Gordon and a 1st Round Pick (they have picks of Charlotte, Detroit, Portland)

Turner to OKC for Kevin Martin Trade Exception and a 1st Round pick (they have picks of OKC and Dallas)

*Because of cap implications I think Charlotte is the more logical scenario

Trade Three: ?

Now that we have traded Thad Young, J-Rich, and Turner, we have successfully optimized cap room, added young quality talent in Terrence Jones, CJ McCollum, Meyers Leonard and also added a 1st Round pick. Now comes to the final piece: to trade Spencer Hawes. I felt as though the previous two trade scenarios are very logical and make sense, but I could not come up with one in which we could receive a 1st round pick for a guy like Spencer whose year seems to be an aberration. His PER is through the roof, and at only 26 years old you have to think that some team will be willing to trade a 1st for him, but should we? Experts have been saying they do not think Noel and Hawes will play well together, however, I tend to disagree. Watching Noel last year at Kentucky I believe that he will be able to guard opposing 4’s in the NBA on the perimeter. He is uber- athletic, and accounted for 2.1 steals per game—ridiculous for a 7 footer. Furthermore, Hawes perimeter shooting will help open up the paint for Noel to do what he does best—offensive rebound, and scrap for buckets. At only 26 years old, putting up 16 & 10, I am unsure whether to hold on to Hawes or trade him for a first rounder. Either way, if we accomplish the first two previous trades I believe we will be in great position to be a bottom 3 team in the NBA, with three more quality prospects on the roster, and 2 more 1st round picks to work with. With MCW, Noel, cap space, and the Hinkie/Brown combination—I think its safe to say the future is looking bright for the Sixers.

-Joe Willert

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