Possible Sixers Trade

4-team deal *

Sixers Receive:

o Shawn Marion (from DAL) 1 year deal

o Jeff Adrian (from CHA) 1 year deal

o Ramon Sessions (from CHA) 1 year deal

o 2014 1ST Round pick (top 5 protected) (from CHA)

o 2014 1st Round pick (top 7 protected) (from DAL)

Houston Receives:

o Thaddeus Young (from PHI)

Dallas Receives:

o Spencer Hawes (from PHI)

Charlotte Receives:

o Omer Asik


· Philly trades Thaddeus young and Spencer Hawes for 2 first round picks and 3 expiring contracts

· Houston trades Omer Asik for Thaddeus Young (great for them)

· Dallas trades Shawn Marion and a 1st for Spencer Hawes (maybe one of our second rounder’s if need be)

· Charlotte trades Jeff Adrian and Ramon Sessions (trash) for Omer Asik to solidify their paint.

o Charlotte is easily replaceable with any team willing to trade shitty players on 1 year deals and a protected 1st to Philly for Omer Asik –something many teams would do

· Also have Evan Turner available…

Philly Receives:

o Jeremy Lamb

o Perry Jones

o Kevin Martin Trade Exception

o 1st round pick (2015?)

OKC Receives

o Evan turner

o James Anderson

o 2nd round pick

To recap, our Philadelphia 76ers trade Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner. Hinkie will not resign Hawes or Turner after this year, and losing Thad means we get out of paying him 9-11 million the next three years. Why we should do it—In return we receive 3 first round picks (Charlotte, Dallas, and OKC), Perry Jones, and Jeremy Lamb. Both young guys from OKC have very high ceilings and playing in Philly this year will be able to give them a lot of meaningful minutes. We will have 5 first round picks in the best draft the NBA has seen in a decade. And by getting rid of the talented players on our team the 76ers are almost guaranteed a shot at a top 5 pick this year (Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Embiid, Exum, Smart, Gordon). Furthermore the highest paid player on the team will be Jason Richardson. We will have pretty much unlimited cap space, 5 first round picks (PHI, NO, CHA, DAL, OKC), young talent like: MCW, Noel, Wroten and Lamb, and one hell of a coach in Brett Brown.

Charlotte is easily replaceable, OKC might not do it but screw em its really close and I feel like everyone else would be down, we might only get 2 first round picks instead of 3 but this isn’t too far off. Would be dope.

*used ESPN NBA trade machine

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