Freshman Phenom

With games under there belt I thought I put together who Hinkie Might be favoring the most from the moves and acquisitions Hinkie has made already.

1. Hinkie seems to like very athletic players based on his picks of Noel and MCW, and trade of Wroten

2. Noel and MCW seem to be basketball I.Q. smart, high motor, high character guyys and understand the game very well.

3. all three skill levels are of High potential, understand the game very well but lack offense and defense polish skills(things that make nba players go from ok/good to great).

In saying that I will start with:

Jabari Parker: The most NBA ready of all four, but also the most unathletic.. I know Evan turner comes to mind but he has what Turner never had as a college player and that is a NBA jump shot. Not only does he have one but he picks his spot and he is athletic enough that when he comes to the league with a wider floor he can exploit his skills that he uses so efficiently now. If any of the comparisons, Parker holds true, he will have to mirror his game of carmelo or paul pierce to be effective. he will always struggle against paul george and lebron players because they are more athletic but he will not look like turner getting blocked 4 times a game because guys will respect his jump shot which will allow him to beat the open man and score using his great finishing skills that he has. If we have th first pick i dont think he would be Hinkie's first option because he lacks the athleticism and higher potential of the other two.

Julius Randle: bigger and stronger than everybody else. He has advanced offense skills for the college game and when he adds a consistent jumper to his game and adds more overall offense skill he will be a player to be reckoned with. I can see him easily being a 25 and 11 guy in the NBA.. unfortunately for a guy his size, the only thing he seems able to do defensively is rebound. The potential is there for him to become a defensive force and shot blocker but he seems to have no interest or skill to want to do it. I think he is third on Hinkie's list on the draft board although I think he is number one for fit as he would make a tandem the league would fear with him and noel.

Andrew Wiggins: I think he is number one on Hinkie's list for all the reasons i mentioned about Hinkie's past moves. He is super athletic, high character, good motor, and low overall skill. Wiggins gets a knock for not going out there and putting his all but he reminds me of lebron in that way. He wants to get everybody involved while being a star. 25ppg is not his goal, winning is, if he has to guard the best man and score 30 he will but he doesn't want to force it. He will easily be top among nba players in per when he improves his skill because he will get to the rim with ease and finish and open up his teamates and will find them as where parker will spend so much more time in isolation and energy trying to create his own shot which would disrupt the flow in BB offensive scheme.

Aaron Gordon: I think the dark horse as in potential. Just as athletic as Wiggins but also less skilled offensively. He seems to have a great understanding of the game, defensively can do it all, rebound, block and play elite defense. Has no problem guarding the best player in crunch time. look at Duke and the recent UNLV game. Offense is a major problem, you can tell he knows he is not a good offense player, his teammates don't really defer to him in the post either. When he tries to get his own shot he blows by his man as he has a good handle and awareness but he usually falls short finishing and even getting blocked by less athletic guys because he has no skills offensively. I think if you add marketability with potential he rates higher than randle and parker because he is going to make many top ten plays and win dunk contest which will fill up the arenas not just philadelphia and if he gets his offense game together he definitely can be a better Blake Griffin which is his best comparison. I think he actually rates 2 on Hinkie's draft board but he would not draft him 1-4 as it would be a huge risk reward as Gordon might be the only one not to live up to All-star franchise moving player we want. He might be a more iguadola, shawn marion type player more than Griffin if the offense part of his game never develops.

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