Assessing MCW's trade value

We all have come to love Sam Hinkie (yes, all of us). He likes to buy low and sell high, and we are thankful for this logical management style that we have needed for ages. Hinkie will stop at nothing in his efforts to acquire assets, and he is undoubtedly considering trades in a cold calculating manner (mwahahahah).

MCW is our most valuable trade asset. He looks better than Holiday right now, with a higher ceiling for potential. He's underpaid and under team control for years, and he looks like a godsend on the court, frankly.

But MCW is this team's biggest threat to the tank (Brett Brown is also way too good, but we can't trade him!). MCW could win games by himself later in the season, pushing us to the margins of the cream of the crop in the draft. He could end up being this year's Damien Wilkins. As the year goes on MCW's value could increase, and we have to keep in mind that there's an MVP award given out every year...

If we got two first rounders for Holiday, we should be able to get even more for MCW. Sure, his small sample size might make GMs nervous, but seriously, how could they not want this kid on their team? Dude is breaking records, and he looks like everything a team could want from the PG position. Maybe a GM in danger of losing his job would be willing to part with a high lottery pick in the 2014 draft for the sure thing in MCW.

While I love the kid, the reality is that everyone on this team is expendable in the right deal. It would break my heart a little to break up the best friends duo (MCW and Noel) before they could even play together in a game, but this is a business. The tank must come first. I have faith that Hinkie could rebuild without tanking, but I like our chances with a top-5 pick.

There is also the slim but real possibility that MCW never becomes the franchise game-changer we want him to be. He could end up being a solid starter and not much more. He could never learn to shoot consistently.

All of that said, I want MCW in a Sixers uniform for his whole career, but I feel like this is the kind of move Hinkie might strike with (after all, who saw the Holiday trade coming?).

What would it take for you to give up MCW? Two first round picks? The number one pick in the 2014 draft? Maybe even an established superstar? I can dream.

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