Sixers vs. Timberwolves: Not-So-Frequently Asked Questions

If you were expecting a Clash of the Titans, well... sorry. - USA TODAY Sports

We're here to answer your questions about tonight's Sixers-Timberwolves game. However, in the event that you don't have any questions, we posed a few of our own.

Who do I need to worry about tonight?

There's Kevin Love, of course. He's fresh off of a 26/16/7 performance against the Detroit Pistons, and he's playing at an All-NBA level. And as one dimensional as Kevin Martin is, he's a pretty decent shooter from deep, and figures to benefit from the open looks he'll get against the Sixers.

Who don't I need to worry about, but might enjoy watching?

Ricky Rubio is always a treat - if he ever develops a jumper, he'd be a problem. Alexey Shved is also an LB favorite, although I'm not sure any of us know whether or not he'll grow into a solid rotation player. And as much as I'd like to talk about Shabazz Muhammad here, he barely gets off of the bench.

How ugly can this get for the Sixers?

Really ugly. The Timberwolves' offense is better than average (despite their horrid shooting percentage), and they're right behind our favorite team in terms of pace. Working in the 76ers' favor is the fact that Minnesota is one of the league's worst teams when it comes to shooting 3s. That said, they were 11-for-24 from beyond the arc against the Detroit Pistons last night. So there's that.

Is there any way that the Sixers don't lose?

Absolutely. This is the back end of a back-to-back for the Timberwolves, and if Evan Turner stops complaining about calls and starts playing defense, then the 76ers can steal one. And it should be noted that the last time Minnesota was scheduled to play on a Wednesday, the game was postponed due to smoke.

What's the best movie ever set in Minnesota?

Purple Rain.

Is the squad that started the year 3-0 the real Sixers team, or is it this bunch that has lost 11 of the last 13?

Well, when the local paper is running articles with the headline "At least the Sixers are playing hard", I think we all know the answer.

Score one for Team Chill.

What happened between these two teams last year?

Even though both Rubio and Love played in just one of the two games, Minnesota swept the season series. Nikola Pekovic averaged 16.5 points and 11.5 rebounds in the two meetings, while Turner averaged 18.0 PPG (on 38.9% shooting).

The Sixers are going to get crushed on the glass, aren't they?

Probably. According to SportVU, Kevin Love leads the league in rebounding chances per game, and Pekovic is in the top 15 as well. To his credit, Spencer Hawes is in the top 10.

Who is the best musician ever born in Minnesota (non-Prince division)?

I think the answer has to be Bob Dylan, despite the fact that all of his songs sound better when they're performed by someone other than him.

What will I be missing if I decide to tune in tonight?

Well... there's a new episode of "The X Factor" (which one Tanner Steidel will be watching), and there's also Bulls/Knicks on ESPN. SPOILER WARNING: Bulls win.

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