The Tanklantic Division and the New Sixers-Celtics Rivalry

Before the season started it was pretty easy to see where each team sat in the Atlantic division. The Nets and Knicks were trying to win now and were willing to mortgage their futures at the chance. The 76ers and Celtics were sacrificing wins now for a bright future each with a unique tank/rebuild plan. The Raptors were and are still Canadian. (Source: Wikipedia)

So the Sixers and Celtics shared a common goal. Maybe a battle to the bottom would spark a different kind of rivalry. It was obvious our beloved Sixers and our bitter rival Celtics were never going to come close to winning the Atlantic Division. They were competing for the Tanklantic title. If that pun doesn't make you cringe maybe this will: The Celtics could very well end up with Andrew Wiggins.

Now let me say it is a beautiful time to be a Philadelphia Sixers fan. We're actually the only team in Philadelphia with a winning record right now which no other team has done for quite sometime apart from the Eagles 1-0 start. The team finally brought the Belt back to Philadelphia.

But what of tanking you may ask? Well I'm sure that time will come. Even if it doesn't there is no reason to be sad because this season will still have so many positive implications. Watch the games, enjoy any outcome, and don't offer Kwame any candy because he will stay sitting our your couch for two years.

So to be clear I would not care about the Celtics simply out-tanking us. I do care about them getting Andrew Wiggins.

How dare they get #1 pick in this draft? I watched a god awful Celtics team somehow swing trades for Garnett and Allen to form a big 3. I watched them find one of the most talented PG in the league and dangle him for trade bait as if he was Filet Mignon and they really wanted Lobster Tail. And of course worst of all I witnessed them raise another championship banner. Now after so much success they might get one of the best prospects in years?

I trust the Sixers will get good no matter what. I trust Hinkie that much. But its our turn, not the Celtics' turn. And thats exactly why I want the Celtics to be good too.

Maybe I lost you there but that's not a typo. But even if with the bright future we have ahead, Sixers basketball is missing something to me. The fire and the hatred of battling it out with the Celtics. We had a taste in the playoffs a few years ago and I want that long term. I want to see the Sixers and Celtics rise back to top ranks of the NBA. I want them to be expected to meet in the playoffs and the winner is expected to win the finals. I don't want to just beat the Celtics. I don't want to the Celtics to be bad or mediocre. I want them to be good. Why?

Because its our turn and our turn means beating a team we hate when the championship is on the line.

I might be the only one really looking forward to this but if and when that day comes it will be beautiful. For us and the NBA. I know the Sixers will be good because Hinkie. The Celtics should be good because they have every Nets pick until they run out of Doctor Who regenerations.

So the Nets and Knicks can have their time and eventually fall to the bottom. The Raptors can stay Canadian. And the Sixers and Celtics can follow the plan and reignite a rivalry that leads to the top of the Eastern Conference.

Still those douches better not get Andrew Wiggins.

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