30 Games

At the end of the calendar year (2013), we'll have played 15 more games in addition to the 15 we've already played. At 6-9, the Sixers have already exceeded the majority of our expectations before the season started. Wins over some of the best teams in the league, an overwhelming favorite for rookie of the year, and perhaps most importantly, a coach and Gm that are seemingly basketball brilliant. Six months ago not even the most optimistic of us could have predicted a start and future this promising.

The 'winning dilemma' we currently face evokes strong opinions. I completely understand the logic of losing, and my head is completely on board. But when I see this team play, my heart cannot keep from living and dying with every game, every minute, every possession. I admire the maturity of those who can root for us too succeed and develop but not win. I try, I really do. But my passion for this team has been reignited for the first time since Iverson was traded.

Iverson inspired hope. Despite his horrid off court regimen, once the lights turned on you knew you had a chance to see something special. That has returned in my mind with a combination of Gm, Coach, and MCW. Williams has a ways to go, but he and this team have talent , heart, and a fun factor off the charts. Right now our future possibilities are limitless based on what the trio has been able to accomplish in such a short time. I'm not trying to deify MCW, just saying he has the potential to be special with the right pieces surrounding. And yes, that means a couple more stars. But if you're not thrilled about what you're seeing on the court from him right now, I'm not sure what your watching. He can excel at every phase of the game. Every. Phase. Of The Game. A lot of growing to do, but that doesn't come along every year. Especially at pick 11. Nice to be the team to get the steal of the draft for once.

So the dilemma that's making these games so unprecently gut wrenching to watch is kind of like this team. A beautiful disaster. I want to win. I want to lose. We are awful. We could be great. Trade anybody. Trade nobody. We just lost by 40. We can play with and beat the best. We may already have a superstar. This guy has a ways to go. It's difficult to put watching these games into words. Losing is the responsible thing to do, but I'm not going to apologize for wanting to win every game I watch the rest of the season. Maybe that's the answer, I just shouldn't watch. Than I can be mature and responsible like most of the rest of you. Cause I know you're right.

Just never had an experience like this with a team before. Regardless of your perspective, the futures incredibly bright and the canvas is mostly blank. We all have the color combination we think is best, but hinkie looks to be micheal(carter-williams)angelo and will take his time building our sixerstine chapel. Ok enough giddy puns, what is my deal. Just can't wait to see how all this plays out.

So back to the original point of this post.. At years end, we will have played 30 games... What will our record be? In all likelihood, a trade will not occur by then, although you never know how hinkies gonna roll. If we stay healthy without trades, I see us at 15-15. That's right I said it. Heres how I see our next 15 games...

@orlando. L

Norleans. W.

@detroit. W

Orlando. W

@charlotte. W

Denver. W

Clippers. L

@minny. L

@toronto. W

Blazers. L

@brooklyn L

Brooklyn. W

@bucks. W

@suns. L

@lakers. W

Let the mocking begin, and yes, I do realize there's a 5 game win streak in there. Based on feel, matchups, and our style of play against those teams. We seem to fare better against bigger, slower half court teams. Perhaps the majority of you are right, and we'll struggle to win 15 before springtime. But I still think many are underestimating this teams will to win and Brett browns ability to get them there. So what say you? Remember, this is assuming no major injuries or trades. What do you think our record will be after 30?

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