(Non)Sensible Sixers (Mega)Trade Scenarios

1. Adios, Thad, Evan and Spencer

Sixers Get: Kendrick Perkins ($8.7 million expiring in 2015), Shabazz Muhammad, Perry Jones III, Terrence Jones

Thunder Get: Thad Young, Omer Asik, Derrick Williams, Alexey Shved, 2014 second round pick (from HOU via NYK)

Rockets Get: Spencer Hawes, Thabo Sefolosha, Steven Adams

T'Wolves Get: Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen, Nick Collison

Why: The Sixers get a monstrous expiring for the summer of 2015 and three young upside-y guys.

The Thunder get Asik - the main prize - who fits beautifully next to Ibaka. They also land a productive sixth man in Thad and a possible starting SG in Shved to replace Sefolosha.

The Rockets upgrade their ailing perimeter defense with Sefolosha, add a likely starting PF who opens passing/driving lanes for Harden while also netting an asset in the so far impressive rookie center Steven Adams.

Lastly, the Wolves dump some salary and get a little better in the short-term, which is said to be their goal.

2. 19 players are moved in the ultimate behemoth

Sixers Get: Amar'e Stoudemire ($21.7 million expiring in 2015), Harrison Barnes, Evan Fournier, Jordan Hamilton, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green, Quincy Miller

Knicks Get: Kenneth Faried, Javale McGee, Evan Turner, Kent Bazemore, 2014 second round pick from DEN via POR (from Felton trade from DEN-POR)

Warriors Get: Danillo Gallinari, Thad Young, Spencer Hawes, unprotected 2014 first round pick from DEN via NYK (from Melo Trade to NYK)

Nuggets Get: Tyson Chandler, David Lee, Iman Shumpert, Lavoy Allen

Why: life.

The Sixers get worse this year by subtracting Thad/Spencer/Evan and also add a bunch of fringe-rotation 20-somethings from Denver and Golden State. They also absorb a hilariously enormous expiring for 2015 and a building block in Harrison Barnes. (Note: They will ultimately end up having to: a) cut four of the players they acquire, b) make some D-League moves or c) cut Davies/Thompson and add a couple to the Sixers).

The Knicks shed a ton of salary and clear up some space to sign and/or trade for someone to compliment 'Melo and keep him in New York. They also acquire a young and promising piece in Faried, Evan Turner (who was destined for the Knicks), a solid rotation guard, a pick and Javale McGee (who was also destined for the Knicks). Also, Turner ending up on Carmelo Anthony's team is too awesome to not happen at some point.

The Warriors now have a sixth man and ultra hustler in Thad Young, as well as a nice backup forward who fits the scheme well, and a likely starting stretch four when healthy in Gallinari. Gallinari has valuable experience playing in a run-and-gun offense, and also has experience playing with Iguodala. Oh, and they receive a first-round pick from a struggling Knicks team.

And, finally, the Nuggets are fun again. It hasn't been 20 games yet and I miss how awesome they were already. Lawson-Shumpert-W. Chandler-Lee-T. Chandler with Nate Robinson off the bench is truly a thing of beauty. They'll also be too swallowed up in their awesome-ness to realize that they have Lavoy Allen.

3. Hello There, Anthony Bennett

Sixers Get: Charlie Villanueva ($8.6 million expiring), Anthony Bennett (!), Dion Waiters (!!)

Pistons Get: Rajon Rondo, Spencer Hawes

Cavs Get: Evan Turner, Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk, 2014 second-round pick from PHI via HOU (Royce White trade)

Celtics Get: Anderson Varejao, Greg Monroe, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, 2014 second-round pick from DET


The Sixers get an expiring, get worse and add a tank-inducing yet salvageable shot-happy Waiters. Plus, they place this year's number one draft pick alongside both the originally projected number one draft pick and the guy who's actually playing like he's the number one draft pick. They also get to keep Thad, a plausible option that wouldn't be very surprising in reality.

The Pistons get Rondo and can finally move Josh Smith to the power forward position where he belongs. And, Hawes would be solid off the bench for them.

The Cavs get whatever they choose out of Turner. He could be an expiring if they don't like him, and if his play thus far is sustainable, they have a starting forward for the foreseeable future. Not to mention, they add Avery Bradley (if signed long-term) is a great defender and a solid upgrade at SG, plus Olynyk and a pick. It seems as though they get better in the short-term, which is ideal for them.

The Celtics officially resign themselves from acting like they're not tanking and throw their hats in Tankfest 2014. Monroe and Caldwell-Pope are promising building blocks and Varejao would fit well next to Monroe.

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