Hold the Train!!

I do not blame you for being the way you (I am) are as a Philadelphia sports fan. Or should I say Negadelphia. Things never go right for us so we pretty much expect things to go wrong. Take this year's Sixers. They have beat the LEBRON JAMES led Miami Heat amongst others due to the excellent development (Ha$es/Vi$$an) of a few key players. This has everyone up in arms and wanting to trade everyone for Shawn Merion and 7 second round picks, I am not of that company. I'm liking what's growing here with the 76. This is my plea for you to consider #buildingwithus. Yes, with this very core group that was supposed to win 20 games. Was this team ever supposed to be bad, nevertheless tanking?

"You hear so-called experts say nonsense and all the dumb stuff [about tanking]. It's too easy to lose and it's not fun. So to try and do it, at the end, that's just bad karma and something bad would come back at you. Tomorrow's never promised and nothing is ever guaranteed.

-The Villan

You tell those so called "experts" Evan. Tell Em.

Yes its still early, but i believe this team is no fluke. I think we're all a little guilty of stereotyping here. Admit it. We all owe a big apology to our "young, inexperienced, talent-deprived" roster. We talk about player development all the time, but no one factored it into this year's squad. We gave them no credit. I did think we were going to be pretty bad this year; not historically bad, but top 3 for sure bad.

The only person/place/thing that gave the Sixers any respect was a site called Box Score Geeks. They had our 76, the same one with Jam3s And3rson as their starting 2 guard, winning about 35 games on average. But if they got hot and a few guys had good or above average years, they could be looking at upwards of 45 wins!? "Ludicrous, they're lying if you guessed this start" is what I hear/see written a lot now a days. Guess work, I think not. Here's their explanation and win share projections.

The 76ers are going to be a bad team. But they aren't going to be historically bad. The mainstream media has made a very large fuss over two things that Sam Hinkie has done: 1) he took forever to hire a coach, and it was well after the draft when he finally did (meaning he didn't value having a coach on board to influence any draft choices), and 2) the team is operating at or below the league minimum payroll, and for a long while had many roster spots to fill. These facts led most analysts to believe that Philadelphia wanted to lose. I disagree; I think it is far more likely that management does not care if they win. The distinction is important, and it's why the "over" on Philadelphia is one of our biggest predictions this year.

Player Position Minutes Age WP48 Wins
Evan Turner 😈 2.9 2852 25 .060 3.6
Thaddeus Young 3.9 2587 25 .145 7.8
Michael Carter-Williams 💘 1.0 2406 22 .023 1.1
Spencer Hawes💞💞💞 4.9 2194 25 .063 2.9
James Anderson 😎 2.4 1788 24 .072 2.7
Lavoy Allen😴 4.9 1543 25 .050 1.6
Darius Morris 😕 1.0 1352 23 -.020 -.6
Kwame Brown🍴 5.0 1179 31 .066 1.6
Arnett Moultrie😌 4.3 964 23 .255 5.1
Nerlens Noel 5.0 782 19 .112 1.8
Tony Wroten 😘 nh 1.9 660 20 .016 .2
Vander Blue 2.0 515 21 .006 .1
Mac Koshwal 4.0 388 26 .055 .4
Jason Richardson 2.4 275 33 .085 .5
Hollis Thompson 2.0 189 22 .055 .2

I find it hard to imagine that for as much praise showered upon Hinkie for him being the smartest human on earth and all that he couldn't have put together a simple WAR (like in baseball) guesstimate. And this chart is missing some numbers for and not giving enough credit to MCW, And3rson, Turner, Hawes, Wrot3n, and Orton IMO.

I must be the first to admit. I never saw any of this coming. Never in a million years did think I'd see Evan Turner playing at an all-star level. I am thought E.T. To be the "next big thing" coming out of OSU and thought he would be the Tim Duncan to our David Robinson (Iggy) and be a perpetual championship contender. I seriously thought the dude had a Kobe-type edge to his game. I put my name out there for this kid and needless to say, he has let me down so far. He hurt me. After 2 years of being his biggest supporter, I was his biggest critic. But he's proved me and everyone else wrong. He looks like he could be the 2nd best option on a championship team.

If you look at E.T. as a 2 guard like me, then he ranks third only behind James Harden and Kevin Mrtin who is off to an insanely hot start. Do you trade him if he's still shooting a solid percentage at the deadline (shooting 48% now) and averaging over 20 ppg? Hell no! He's a building block. I mean he did win National Player of the year (best player amongst his peers) in college; maybe he'll reach that level in the pros?

We assumed Hinkine was trying to tank by "getting rif of his best player," but maybe Hinkie thought MCDubs and Evan were bettter than Jrue ( I sure didn't and me and MCW were freshman buddies at Cuse so I saw every NCAA minute). Maybe he thought Jrue was a ball-hog that turned the ball over too much (like my father did) and thought it was he (in random with DC) who was holding Evan Almighty back. MCW & Turner backcourt runs so much more smoothly. And they're both 6'6/7!
And Spencer Hawes!? He's played tricks on us before, but he looks like he's on something! Evan too, Brett Brown"s focus on fitness might be the biggest difference in these guys' games. Back to Haw3s, he's the 5th best center in the league so far according to the PER rankings. I don't usually put that much stock into that stat, but 15.6/10 on 50% shooting is a top 10 center in this league. He's even proving solid rim protection with 1.6 bpg.

He's just 25 years old. And i dont know if it's been the increased (still lacking) physicality or the Shuttlesworth-esque shooting from deep and in the clutch or the straight hustle (it was definitely the put back slam on DWIGHT FREAKIN HOWARD!!!😱😝). But I have developed a man crush on Spencer Hawes. He'd be killer as the first big off the bench, but he'll probably cost too much for that in the offseason. He might be a great fit next to Nerlens, but I don't think he fits Hinkie's "prototype." I think we'll get a good return on Hawes at the deadline even though I wish he could stay. 😢 If I could, I would try to get picks while packaging Richardson's contract.

We're in good shape to go in any number of way. Want to trade for a star? We've got a ton of cap space, young talent, veteran talent, and expiring contracts. Want to tank? We have a young 7'1 center who looks to be entering his prime, what could be a top 2 guard, and a player any team would love to have in Thad Young. Or they could play it out, as I hope they do. I know what the roster looked at in the begginning of the year and slide the guys we have now into more comfortable role.

Center: Nerles Noel/Spencer Hawes/Daniel Orton

Pwr Fwd: Greg Monroe*****/Arnett Moultrie/Lavoy Allen

SF:Thad Young/Aaron Gordon***/CJ Fair**

2-Gaurd: Evan Turner/James Anderson/Vander Blue

Point: Michael Carter-Williams/Tony Woten/Aaron Craft

That is an amazingly deep ultra-talented extra-lengthy team. Not to mention that not a single player on that roster will be over 26 to start 2014. Is a chance at Andew Wiggins worth giving up the depth that we already have in place? He sure would fit perfectly at the 3 spot in that lineup and it would be great if the ball bounced our way, but trading established talent for something like 10% better of a chance at number one would not be worth it. I'm not even sure if I don't take Fair+Gordon over Wiggins straight up anyway (yea I saw how crazy that looked when I proofed lol, left for giggles). It would be a disappointment if Hinkie broke up this core of players.The Sixers haven't been this fun to watch in over 10 years (hold a few playoff runs).
Growing up here, I used to hate hearing of players leaving and having great careers elsewhere. Not to wish harm or bad going on someone, but its hard to root for people like that could been doing those great thing on my team. We seem to chase players away before we get a clear picture of their ceilings. Lets not make that mistake again. Lets build a connection with our team. I don't think Anyone coul of described this team better than BB the other day,

"There was always a toughness [about the Sixers], no matter who was coaching, who was playing in this city," coach Brett Brown said. "I think we want to play that way, we want to mirror the city. We want to have some edge that this city is proud of and teams knothat w when they come here, they're going to be in for a very physical game and that we're not going to roll over.

"We will take a punch and we will get back up. I feel like that's the city. Personally, I love it. I felt like I knew the city before I accepted the position and the more I talk to people on the street, you can see there's some excitement brewing. It gives me goosebumps to think perhaps what could be if we can really get to the levels that we want."

-Brett Brown

"Personally, I love it" I freakin love it to Double B.


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