Sixers Fall To Spurs, Drop To 4-4

Tony Wroten was one of the only positives in the Sixers' blowout loss. - Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After triumphantly beginning this 2013-14 season 3-0, the Philadelphia 76ers are now just 1-3 in their last four games and boast a .500 record for the first time this year,

Back in August, the persons at Liberty Ballers, other Philadelphia media members and national analysts predicted the Philadelphia 76ers to be one of the worst team’s in NBA history.

While they had an exciting new GM in Sam Hinkie and an energetic new coach in Brett Brown, the Sixers had no brute size, capable shooters or any possible combination of five players who could defend an average NBA starting lineup.

The Sixers started off the season 3-0 and defied many of those critics, running their games at a ridiculous pace and waving middle fingers to the haters with every Evan Turner driving deuce.

Flash forward to tonight, and the 76ers are now 4-4 overall and 1-4 since they opened the season with triumphant victories over the Miami Heat, Washington Wizards and Chicago Bulls.

The Sixers still played fast and fluid, but the shots weren’t falling. To be fair, we knew this was coming. Spencer Hawes and Michael Carter-Williams weren’t going to shoot 50 percent from three-point land for the course of an entire season, let alone 5 games.

While the Sixers played host to the Spurs, the men in the home whites shot just 41.5 percent from the field overall and a miserable 26.3 percent from deep. Meanwhile, the Spurs drilled 49.4 percent of their attempts—and Gregg Popovich’s team was well over the 50-percent mark before the last two minutes of garbage time—and made 13 of their 28 attempts, 46.4 percent, from downtown.

But even though the Spurs’ offense was a black and silver blur of ball movement and unselfishness, there are still some moral victories positives to take away from this game.

-The Sixers, who miraculously entered tonight’s matchup leading the league in points in the paint, outscored the Spurs 52-49 down low.

-Michael Carter-Williams recorded 3 blocks and 3 steals while boasting a 2:1 turnover ratio in this suck-fest. If I told you the Sixers lost by 20+ points, you’d likely assume MCW turned the ball over more than he assisted, no?

-Tony Wroten shot 5-9 for 13 points and 3 assists. If you don’t love Tony Wroten, get the hell out of this Team Whop Community!

But as our fearless leader, Michael Levin, has previously stated, this is the season of zero unhappy outcomes of Sixers games. They're back in action on Wednesday with the Rockets.

Time to go back to work.

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