NBA Word Association: What Do Other Bloggers Think About the Sixers?

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It hasn't stopped raining since the news broke. I'm in this post-Jordan funk. I just want to wrap myself in my comforter and update my Facebook status to Incubus lyrics and watch Marley and Me over and over. But the show must go on (And, besides, we're hoping Jordan comes back full-time after a failed minor league baseball career. "Sure, I only throw 55 MPH, Dave. But my two-seamer has good movement."). So off we go.

I'll take Embarrassing Summer Camp Stories for $800, Alex.

When I was ten, an older kid challenged me to a game of Mercy at summer camp. I accepted. Dave Rueter, young or old, doesn't back down to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. So with the entire camp watching, I locked hands with my bigger and stronger 6th grade opponent.

"No fear," I said, looking down at my No Fear t-shirt.

Well, it turned out to be a ruse.

While we were interlocked, my opponent's friend snuck up from behind and pants'd me. My prepubescent package was exposed to the entire world. The boys laughed. The girls pointed and then laughed. I was horrified. I haven't played Mercy since. And always wear a belt with my bathing suit now, too. My name at camp became ‘Shank,' which is like Shaft, but not nearly as intimidating. That incident followed me around for the rest of camp. I was Shank. Shank was me.

Which brings us to this week's SB United collaborative topic: NBA Word Association. One writer from every team site named the first word that came to mind when asked about an NBA franchise. The answers given for the Sixers were, well, assorted. Click after the jump...for the official results.


You would think the second best team in the East would garner a little more respect in the blogosphere, no? It doesn't appear that Bynumania has swept the nation just yet (just one ‘Bynum' answer); although I blame Eric Kratz' summer power surge for that. The adjectives used for the home team were incredibly blah. "New, boring, tough, taller, slow." This read more like a Herbert Hill scouting report than a game of Sixers word association. And while just 14.29% of the comments were negative, they weren't exactly ringing endorsements either. Oh, and Dr. J is still pretty popular.

Other potent potables:

LIBERTY!: FREEDOM! I like it. Perhaps a faint reference to our site, or former Nuggets swingman, Marcus Liberty?

Slow: How rude.

Boring: Well pin a rose on your nose.

Dangerous: You got it, dude.

Hawes!!!: I know!!!

Geiger: Very topical given that Matty G is still under contract.

Which answer was Mike's? What about you? What one word comes to mind when thinking of the Sixers? I'll get the ball rolling and go with ‘Steve Mix.'

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