2011-2012 Regular Season GameThread Stats Archive

Sorry it's so late. I'm still working on the playoff ones. It's been a busy summer and I'm great at procrastinating... not a great combination.

I started doing these on April 11th, so you won't find any for any games before that date. I'm going to do my best to do one for every game this year if possible. I'm wondering how I should release them: a FanShot each night for each game? A FanPost with a collection of the graphs per week? per month? I think I'm leaning towards the month idea. Either way, I'll probably end up tweeting the results at some point, and if you ever want to contact me so you can see one feel free to do so by sending me an email or tweeting me @PhillyFollower

So, in case you were interested, here you are. The graphs are in chronological order, save for this NEVER BEFORE SEEN 4/26/12 Detroit Pistons GameThread



The rest can be found after the jump.



















I gave PIONT!ZN!OI(I#RSJEOSJFSO)!FFOFOO)O!)!!!!s to each of the top 5 commenters per night on a 10-7-5-3-1 scale.

Final standings:

Michael Levin - 64
jefu - 56
soman319 - 35
PE - 30
TwistyWristy - 16
dweebowitz - 15
YBT - 10
nadam - 4
Tanner Steidel - 1
TheNarrator19 - 1
yosoysean - 1
tk76 - 1

Nights finished as top commenter:

jefu - 4
Michael Levin - 3
PE - 1
soman319 - 1

Comment of the Night standings:

Michael Levin - 2
Djax10 - 1
nyunole - 1
PE - 1
" RP " - 1
dweebowitz - 1
TwistyWristy - 1

Best GameThread title:

Sixers @ Pacers Game Thread and Paul George Pancakes - April 21 2012

Top reoccurring classified banter topic:

Awkward tension


Most total comments - 624 - Bucks042512

Highest comment % by single user - Michael Levin 33.43% - Nets041312

Highest comment % by top 5 - 81.06% (Michael Levin, PE, TwistyWristy, Nadam, Tanner Steidel) - Nets041312

Highest Philly Sports % - 74.02% - Pacers041112

Highest Sixers % - 67.19% - Magic041612

Lowest Sixers % - 47.92% - Raptors041112

Highest Phillies % -10.16% - Raptors041112

Highest Flyers % -13.07% - Cavs041812

Highest Eagles % - 18.87% - Pistons042612

Highest Classified Banter % - 22.56 % - Nets041312

Highest Classified Banter Topic % - Wrestling! - Nets042312

Highest Unclassified Mindless Banter % - 18.13% - Pacers041712


So what were you favorite threads? Favorite topics? Favorite CotN?

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