Looking back: Danny Ferry as Sixers GM?

Today the new Hawks GM, Danny Ferry, was able to unload two of the franchise's most miserable contracts, Joe Johnson and Devin Harris, for a bunch of young talent, expiring contracts, Devin Harris, and a protected pick. In one day, Danny Ferry turned a mediocre, moribund franchise into a potential landing spot for CP3 AND Dwight Howard.

So on a day where we're discussing the news of giving a max contract to a 22 year old point guard, the former frontrunner for Rod Thorn's replacement just locked up Executive of the Year. Should we be surprised?

Well, yeah. I had to look back at some of the Danny Ferry articles posted when Ferry was up for the job a few weeks ago. Now of course, Ferry's track record in Cleveland was questionable, Ferry's only been in charge for 2 weeks, it's unclear how much Collins would allowed such wheeling and dealing, and Ferry took advantage of poor, pathetic Billy King. But hey, if misleading Monday Morning Quarterbacking is good enough for Aaron Sorkin (The Newsroom sucks), then gosh darn it it's good enough for us. Let's laugh at ourselves, shall we!!

Better than Rick Sund. (JuliusErrrrrrving)

First, let's give credit where credit's due. Ferry did in 2 weeks what Sund failed to do in 4 years. Genius Point for JuliusErrrrrrving!!

I'd rather have Lequan Glover as m GM (tst29)

Swing and a miss!

If this is true, any optimism that has built over the last two season is officially over – and I won’t waste any time on rooting for this team any longer. (Toney2Turner)

Well, hopefully that optimism is still there. Should be shining bright once we bring in Kirk Heinrich to be our first guard off the bench!

I guess what I want from the new GM is the same thing I wanted from a new coach when they hired the Dougy instead: A different perspective. Original thinking. Flexibility. Creativity. An “I don’t give a crap, I’m going to try stuff until I find what works” attitude. (dweebowitz)

I hope being able to grab two of the 5 best players in the NBA constitutes creativity.

How is it that you know Ferry is none of these things? Just curious. (JasonB)

Gotta side with Jason here.

Seriously, mostly I’m going on his track record in Cleveland, where there was never that “Wow!” move to get them over the top. It just sort of conjured images of Billy King...(dweebowitz)

Oh, the delicious irony...

I could be wrong. I hope I am. Maybe Ferry’s got chops we didn’t get to see in Cleveland. Maybe it was the owner’s fault (he is kinda nutty, to be fair). Maybe it was LeBron’s fault. (dweebowitz)

No one would claim that Ferry did a good job in Cleveland. But was he a bad GM? I don't know. He just made a lot of moves for veterans that just didn't work out. It's better than Rod Thorn (inactivity) or Otis Smith (incompetence). He may have been pressured into some bad moves by the ownership or Lebron's people. We'll never know.

So to sum up, we're still screwed! Passion, Intense, Pride!! (I think that's how it goes)

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