What It Really Take to Build a Championship Team

Superstars,Superstars and more superstars. That is what NBA fans what and that is what GM's are going after. But is having 3 elite NBA players on a team better than 1 or 2 on a team with better depth? This is what I want to explore with this fanpost.

Don't take offence to this if you do share my same ideals. This isn't meant as a platform for me to lecture you all on what I know and what you don't know. I just like sharing my beliefs on how to build an NBA team with you guys to see what you all believe and what really works.

I admit, I am not as superstar crazy as the rest of the NBA world. Really, a superstar is just a really popular player. It's about talent and fit. It takes both to truly get the right "superstar" for your team. The Knicks are a good example of what not to do. They got 2 superstars in Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. They invested a lot of money in two players that don't rebound as well and they should and aren't good defenders. One elite player like that is fine, but two keeps you from advancing in the playoffs.

The Nets were talking about trading away Brooks Lopez, Marshawn Brooks and Kris Humphries and a 1st round pick or two for Dwight Howard. Would a lineup of Derron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, some bum at PF and Howard with little bench be better than one with DW,JJ,GW, Humphries and Lopez with Brooks coming off the bench as the 6th man?

The Heat have made it work with three Superstars and little depth because of a couple reasons. One, they have LeBron friggin James. LeBron or Durant are two players you go all out to get regardless of what your team looks like. He, Bosh and Wade took a little less money to make this work. They already had a couple of good role players in Chalmers and Haslem. They also got Battier at a cheaper rate simply because he had a great chance to get a ring. Only the Thunder and Heat can get away with that right now. So if a team like the Sixers went all out for 2 or 3 stars, they wouldn't have much around him.

I believe a team needs 4 things in order to be able to compete.

1- You need a go to scorer on the wing. Either a SG or SF who can give you 20-25+ pts a game. I don't like having a high scoring PG b/c the lack of height really holds them back against better defensive teams. You also want your floor general to be more of a pass first player. Teams lead by the Derron Williams, Chirs Paul and Derrick Roses of the world aren't winning titles. I want my best perimiter scorer to be around 6'4-6'8 and not be the set up man for my offense.

2- You need a post scorer. 20-10 players at either PF or C is huge in today's game. It's my number two priority because without good scoring outside of the post, defenses can just double team your big man and try and contain his offense. When your team's shot is off, it's assuring to know that you can dump the ball in the post and get 20-25 pts from one player. It also gives you a huge advange against teams that are a lot smaller like the Heat and the Celtics. Damn I still wish the Sixers would have drafted Cousins.

3. Depth in the post- I want my team to have depth inside. I don't want foul trouble to dictate how physical my team can be on the inside. Big men tire out faster. That more guys you can rotate inside, the better your rebounding will be late in games. You can't play as physical on defense if you are thin inside. You worry too much about foul trouble and that dictates your entire defense.

4- Bench Play/Role Players- Role players win championships. Pretty radical quote but I beleive it. Your big dogs get you to big time series, but your role players have to step it up in order to win a title. Win was the last time a team won a title with poor play from the role players. They hit the big shots when the defense is double teaming your 2 or 3 best players. A good bench keeps everyone fresh. You don't get the loose balls or contested rebounds without a bench to keep your starters fresh all season.

There are exceptions to this. Michael Jordan and LeBron James for starters. Also, the Detroit Pistons of 2004. That defense was fierce and didn't need a true elite player to win, although Billups became elite on offense and Ben Wallace on defense.

If the Sixers want to bring home another title anytime soon, they need a post scorer(Cousins) and either need ET to start taking that next step or bring in someone else(Danny Granger) to score from the wing.

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