Curmudgeon's Corner: God Hates Sixers Fans.

We were delusional. We just love our team too much. We were naive.

Pick your excuse.

We went through the draft, picking guys who weren't terribly good at basketball, but had athleticism and size, and we decided the team had committed to rebuilding, and that it was Good.

We went through trades and free agency. We saw that they were signing a bunch of OK players to short deals. We decided the team just wants to maintain for two years, and that it was Good.

We somehow rationalized the Spencer Hawes re-signing, even though he's terrible.

We rejoiced when they let Tha BOSS go. We believed the team had finally committed to intelligent, phased improvement.

We assumed that an Iguodala trade was imminent, bringing us back a trove of picks, cap space, and young talent.

You know what? We were wrong about everything.

You know how I know that? They signed Kwame Brown.

Yes, it's two years. Yes, it's not huge money. Yes, they don't want to throw Lavoy to the wolves (although he seemed to handle the pressure pretty well in the playoffs).

I am tired of rationalizing bad decisions, seeing a Plan when there is no Plan. The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

Win now! Rebuild! On! Off! Consistency is for small minds, not for the mighty Doughy! He will win AND rebuild!! He led our team to a spectacular 4 games over .500 and an 8th seed!! He is our Saviour!! His is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever!!

Kwame Brown is the symbol of everything that is wrong with this team. No commitment to young talent. A preference for crappy veterans because they're veterans. Spencer Hawes.

Even the "letting the BOSS go" thing was a lie. They offered him a four-year deal, we find out. He took a lesser deal to get out, evidently. Although I'm not sure what they actually offered him for those four years. But still. THEY OFFERED THA BOSS FOUR YEARS. THEY RE-SIGNED SPENCER HAWES AND WILL START HIM AT POWER FORWARD. THEY SIGNED KWAME BROWN AND WILL START HIM AT CENTER.

And Turner is going back to the bench. The two new guys they went to so much trouble to get are going to be in street clothes or the D-League for a whole season. Dre will still be here (which is the only part of this that doesn't fill me with hate).

I will now sit back and wait for the inevitable Doughy knob-slobbering:

1) He led us to our greatest season in years! We were one quarter away from the ECF! He deserves to build the team the way he wants it!!

2) It's only for two years!! There is still a plan!! Just trust Doughy!!

3) It was a very reasonable deal for a #1 overall pick!! Doughy's amazing coaching will bring out the best in him and he won't be the colossal humungous BUST!!!!!!!!!!!! he has been his entire career.

4) "Who else are they going to put out there at center?"

Did I miss anything here? Spare me. Slobber on Doughy's knob on your own time.

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