Some Quick Notes on the Top Prospects

It's important to consider just about every single draft prospect if your a Sixers fan. We don't know if Iggy, Jrue or ET will be traded and what we will get in return. We could see a total makeover or we could see nothing at all. The Sixers could trade up very early in the draft or they could trade out of the first round all together.

If nothing else, it's fun for me to write about all these prospects. I'm no NBA expert, but my analysis will be better than Skip Bayless' "He doesn't pass my eye test." Seriously, that was his all analysis of Bradley Beal.

Anthony Davis- I can't remember a player that was this raw but this talented at the same time. LeBron wasn't raw and either was Garnett. They were really young but they weren't He was an average sized point guard just a couple years ago in high school and now he is 6'11 big man with a ceiling as high as Kareem. I can't wait to see what kind of player he will become.

Bradley Beal- I like Beal. Has the potential to be a star in this league. Far from a sure thing as a star, but I like his shot He can flat out shoot and he isn't afraid to. Shot 46% during the big dance for Florida. I think he could be similar to what Michael Redd was. Not a dominant player, but an All-Star caliber player that can flat out shoot the basketball.

Thomas Robinson- Has the mentality you want in a player. He has that drive that will allow him to continue to get better. Not dominant in size but a decent shooter and a great rebounder. If your a team like Charlotte and you need a scorer, dont draft him. If you want a good post player who can excel at both ends and average 10 boards per game. Robinson is your guy.

Harrison Barnes- I got to see this kid play in person in high school. Great kid who is as humble as anyone who has ever played in the NBA. That is part of his problem. He is really unselfish to a fault. He is still a great athlete and a really good shooter. He has that Kobe Bryant type potential if he can just get the type of competivness that Kobe has always had. If not he can still be a really good player. He is 6'7, 228 and he is only 20 years old. A hard work like Barnes will continue to improve his game.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- Chad Ford of ESPN said he goes into a state of depression every time he loses a game which has been like four times in his life. Great competitor, but can he handle losing a lot of games? Not everyone can handle that and get better because of it. Some players just blame others around him and make life miserable for their teammates because of it. He won't ever be a #1 player but he should be a really good defender who attacks the basket with no fear. Great fit for the Kings, bad fit for the Bobcats.

Andre Drummond- I wouldn't draft this kid at any pick in the first round. Watch his game tape against a very small Iowa State team in the tourney. I havn't seen a 6'10, 279 pound kid be that hard to find. He talked a lot of smack before that game and did nothing to back it up. Royce White said it best late in that game "You _____ed Up". He has size and athleticism but he has no skills and questionable desire. Huge risk pick.

Damian Lillard- I have seen very little of this kid. My team. the Sixers obviously, don't need a starting PG so I have spent zero time researching his game. I think he will go to Toronto or Portland.

Jeremy Lamb- I think if Lamb is your 2nd or 3rd best player, you probably aren't a playoff team. He think he could become a could sixth man type player but I don't see him as a really good starting 2.

Meyers Leonard- My favortie prospect. 7'1, 250 pounds with plenty of room to get bigger. He plays physical, is athletic for a big man and can flat out shoot the rock. He wowed scouts at the combine and I see a better version of Pau Gasol. Still a little raw, plenty of room to get better.

Austin Rivers- Don't get the hate for Rivers. Can create his own shot and isn't afraid to shot it. Good spark off the bench as a rookie and wiill devloop into a good shooting guard. Will get stronger and you know he is a smart player when you consider his dad. He has been around NBA players since he could walk. At the very least, he becomes Jason Terry.

John Henson- I don't think he will ever be an All-Star, but he might win a DPOY award. Great shot blocker and rebounder. Terriffic athlete too. Ideal draft pick for a team with a good offense center who can't defend that well. Hint for the team that trades for Pau Gasol.

Tyler Zeller- Won't be an All Star. Will be a quality starter. Would you draft a player whose ceiling will be 12 and 8 per game? Whoever drafts him won't excite their fan base but at least he won't be a bust.

Perry Jones III- Another player I wouldn't draft. Very long and athletic but kind of a head case. I don't want a player that is 6'11 but doesn't like to play inside. He has bust written all over him unless he becomes a great shooter.

Arnette Moultrie- Love his potential, shooting ability and rebounding. If the Sixers draft him, they would be smart to keep Elton Brand for the season as well. Could do a lot of teaching for Moultire. Could become a similar player that Brand was before the injuries.

Terrence Ross- Great value at 15-20. Great rebounder for a SG(6+ a game in 2011-2012). Good shooter and improved defender. Would replace Lou Williams as the top guard coming off the bench.

Royce White- Love this kid. Versatitlity upon versatility. Does everything but shoot free throws, Can become a decent jump shooter. Wrote a 120 page story in the fifth grade. This anxiety issue with him seems like a bunch of bologna. DId he ever miss a game in college because of any issues like this? He should be a top 10-15 pick but he will fall past 20 and someone will get a steal.

Dion Waiters- Gets compared to Dwayne Wade because 1) he has the same initials 2)Similar in size 3) not a great shooter coming out of college. Great at attacking the basket but not much else.

Jared Sullinger- Back issue isn't my issue with him. I just don't think he will be that great. A little short for me. He dominated smaller college teams like Michigan. He would play many NBA teams with a 6'6 center. Has worked on a mid-range game which is a plus. Good value after 15 even with back issues.

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