Midwest's Offseason Plan

There are going to be a lot of these out there in the blog world. It's a beautiful thing. It's fun to get a lot of opinions out there. No one wrong right now, as long as it is somewhat realisitc. I am no NBA expert, but I do live the Sixers. Here is a quick plan I have for the Sixers heading into the offseason.

I am basing most of offseason predictions on a reports done by I posted it under a fanshot, so if you're curious about the source, I titled it "Iggy to Canada?".

Iggy Gets Traded

In this scenarion and based on that report, Iggy gets traded to Toronto for Ed Davis, Jose Calderon and their eight overall pick. That would give the Sixers a really good backup PG, a really promising backup PF and a top 10 draft pick to go along with number 15.

The Sixers would then use that pick to go after a true center in Meyers Leonard from Illinois. Leonard is being mocked somewhere between 8th and 12th in most mock drafts. I love his game. He is a seven footer who can shoot the ball but isn't one of these twigs that gets abused in the NBA. He is 7'1, 250. He averaged over 8 boards and nearly 2 blocks in the Big 10. He is only 20. He will get better but also won't have to be great right away.

This would give the Sixers LaVoy Allen, Meyers Leonard, Ed Davis, Elton Brand, Thad Young and Nikola Vucevic. That is a lot of depth and a lot of young in the post. Elton Brand can stay fresher throughout the season because DC can really limit his minutes. Thad coud also play more SF with plenty of depth in the post and Iggy now a Raptor. All this competition in the frontcourt will bring out the best in all these players. We won't be dependent on any of these players in 2012-2013. Elton Brand's expiring contract could be used in a trade at some point during the season if a team is trying to dump a playes salary while also clear some space for next summer.

NBA Draft

The Sixers already have plenty of depth in the post. They need a shooter and a guard who can come off the bench and give us solid minutes. Terrence Ross of Washington is starting to become one of my favorites in this class. He can flat out shoot the ball and really improved on defense this past season. Improved is the key word here. Players that don't show much improvement during college scare me. Perry Jones III and Andre Drummond have a great deal of potential but were horribly inconsistent. Ross improving his defense is a great sign. He worked out of the team last week. The coaches should have a good feel for what kind of person he really is.

Ross gives the Sixers a spark off the bench in the backcourt. That had that last year with Lou, but he will be cashing out in FA this summer. Ross gives the Sixers more off the bench than a few jump shots. He is 6'6, 200 pounds. He isn't undersized for the position. He also averaged 6.4 boards this season and had six games of at least 10 including 14 against Washington State. Andre Drummond had just 1.2 more rebound a game. I love a guard who can do more than shoot the ball. Ross can get you 3-5 board off the bench along with 7-12 points while also giving you good defense. This is the type of kid Doug Collins would want on his team.

The Sixers have a couple second round picks to play with as well. They have the 45th and 54th pick in the 2nd round. The second round is about finding players who either have a good upside or who have the game that best fits in the NBA. I like J'Covan Brown of Texas and Hollis Thompson of G'Town. Brown is a gifted scorer who is just undersized. He is 6'1 and under 200 pounds. I don't care, he averaged 20 points in the BIG 12 and single handely beat ISU in the Big 12 tourney. These tweener scoring guards are better served coming off the bench. He can develop into a really good Jason Terry type of player down the road. He shoots the ball really well and drives to the basket with no fear. Plenty of upside with little risk in the 2nd round.

My other 2nd round pick is a little bit of a need pick. Hollis Thompson is a small forward, which the Sixers are lacking in my offseason. Thompson gives the Sixers a true backup SF at 6'8 who shot over 42% from downtown.

Free Agency

At this point the Sixers don't need to make a big splash in free agency. The have depth everywhere except at SF. This is where Matt Barnes comes in. I like his game. He can shoot the ball a little bit, but that isn't why we would go after him. He is a tough, gritty player who plays good defense. He can compete with Thad Young for a starting spot at SF. He made $1.9 mil with the Lakers last season. Give him a little bit more money and a chance to start and he will come running to Philly

Depth Chard

PG- Jrue Holiday-Jose Calderon-Evan Turner-J'Covan Brown

SG- Evan Turner-Terrence Ross--J'Covan Brown-Jrue Holiday

SF- Matt Barnes-Thad Young-Evan Turner-Hollis Thompson

PF-LaVoy Allen-Thad Young-Elton Brand-Ed Davis

C- Meyers Leonard-Nikola Vucevic-Ed Davis

Spencer Hawes is a unresticted free agent who shouldn't be brought back. He showed some flashes of being a good center but there are better options. Looking forward at laughing at the GM who offers him $6-$8 mil a season duing free agency. Jodie Meeks is a resticted free agent. With Brown and Ross drafted, there isn't much need for him here. If he isn't offered a deal somewhere else I would trade him elsewhere for a 2nd round pick if possible, or just keep him in the IR list. Lavoy Allen is also a resticted free agent and should be brought back and signed long-term. I love his tougness and rebounding.

So all in all, this roster has depth, size and quickness along with defense and youth. People aren't going to see a super star here, but that doesn't mean there is one. Leonard, Turner and Holiday can be those players down the road. The goal of a GM isn't to find 2 or 3 great players and take what you can get with the rest of the roster, it's to find the 12-15 best players you can get.

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