My Favorite Offseason Plan

Now, let me preface this by saying I'm highly aware that this course of offseason moves will likely not happen. However, with all the potential rumors swirling around, a lot of fans have put in their two cents as to what they want the Sixers to do. So now, it's my turn.

1. Trade Andre Iguodala and 1st Round Pick for Sacramento's 1st Round Pick

The Kings have shown interest in Andre Iguodala, and their first round pick in this year's draft is not out of the question when it comes to a trade. Sacramento's pick is the fifth overall. This will relieve the Sixers of Iguodala's contract and free up cap space.

2. Draft Andre Drummond

He's a project, I know. However, how much worse is he right now than Spencer Hawes? To me, he's got slightly less offensive skill than Hawes but he's a much better defender and rebounder. What's more, he'll be cheaper than re-signing Hawes and he's got a very high ceiling.

3. Amnesty Elton Brand

This has been an accepted concept for a few months now. Elton Brand simply makes too much money and using the amnesty clause on his contract is the best thing for the team. This will clear up more cap space.

4. Do Not Re-sign Lou Williams or Spencer Hawes

Both of these players played vital roles for the Sixers last year, but they'll likely end up being overpaid by some team this offseason. The Sixers would be foolish to be that team. This frees up more cap space.

5. Sign Kris Humphries

After the first four steps of this plan, Philly is looking good in the cap space department. With the money left over, you have the luxury to overspend on some players. Humphries is probably not worth whatever amount of money he gets this year, but he fits the Sixer's mold perfectly. He's got offensive talent, but more importantly he's an excellent rebounder and a good defender, two things the Sixers need down low.

6. Sign Eric Gordon

This is the most improbable part of the entire plan, but it's worth considering. Eric Gordon is going to be overpaid this offseason, there's no doubt about it. To say Gordon is injury-prone is an atrocious understatement, and he also has shown no interest in leaving New Orleans. However, Gordon is exactly what the 76ers need. He's one of the league's best scorers when he's healthy, and any casual fan knows that's the biggest hole in Philly's team. Scoring. Eric Gordon brings that. I say it's a risk worth taking. Sign him, maybe for more money than he's worth and hope he can stay healthy.

7. Sign Role Players

With any money that is left over (if there even is any), sign role-playing bench players. With the departures of Lou Williams and Spencer Hawes, the highly-talented Sixers bench has taken a hit. The "Night Shift" is Thaddeus Young, Nikola Vucevic, LaVoy Allen, and Jodie Meeks. Hopefully, some free agents that will be willing to play for small contracts show interest in Philly. The Sixers will need a backup point guard and a backup swingman.

Philadelphia 76ers Starting Lineup

PG Jrue Holiday

SG Eric Gordon

SF Evan Turner

PF Kris Humphries

C Andre Drummond

This plan is very, very unlikely to happen. It's just what I personally would do if I were the Sixers GM. Thanks for reading!

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