Iguodala for Harden?

I've been thinking about some potential Iggy deals. This one is probably my favorite.

Before I can fully explain how this trade could work out for both franchises, this is how I'd see the deal shaking out:

OKC gives up:

James Harden

Kendrick Perkins

PHI gives up:

Andre Iguodala

Nikola Vucevic

Why does this trade work?

The obvious (Sixers):

Harden give the Sixers a player with real star potential that has a multi-faceted offensive game. This may not be the best fit alongside Jrue and Evan, but a trio of these young studs would be tough to stop the next 5-10 years. Harden will allow Evan to start at the forward position where he excelled throughout the season (I know this was when Iggy was out and he took a ton of shots, but he's a good enough rebounder to play the 3 all year long).

Though Perkins is a throw-in to match the salaries, he is still an awesome post defender. With Hawes leaving in free agency, Kendrick fills an important hole.

The Obvious (Thunder):

After watching the finals, I could not help but wonder how great Iguodala would fit on this roster. Miami killed OKC by going small (playing lebron at the 4) and having nobody to really guard James straight up. I know Iguodala wouldn't be able to stop him 1-on-1, but he'd be a heck of a lot better than anyone else on the floor.

A starting 5 of Westbrook, Iguodala, Durant, Ibaka and Collison would be the best defensive unit in the NBA. Though they will lose their scoring punch off the bench, the Thunder still have 2 of the best scorers in the game and Igodala is no slouch.

Vuc will compete for minutes with Cole Aldrich as the first OKC big off of the bench. OKC plays Durant at the 4 enough where this isn't a huge issue for OKC. Also, finding a big that can give a good 10 mins off the bench isnt that difficult to do in the NBA.

The Issues (Sixers):

Harden is a great player (one of my favorite in the NBA), but does he really fit in a backcourt with Evan and Jrue? All three of these guys are really best with the ball in the hands and maybe this trade doesn't work from a cohesion standpoint. ET and Harden seem pretty redundant to me.

Harden is also going to demand a pretty significant deal when he becomes a RFA. Is our front office going to pony up and pay? Knowing that we MUST resign him if we gave up our best asset in a deal, will other teams drive up Harden's cost?

Perkins' contract is pretty lame. He signed a 4-year, 34 million dollar deal prior to the season. He is not a very gifted offensive player and he seems to have a lot of mental lapses (not what DC looks for in C's). He would be a great amnesty candidate;however, players acquired in trades can not be amnestied. His contract would compromise our cap situation one more year than Iggy's. By the time his money came off the books, the Sixers would have their big 3 (ET, Jrue and Harden) signed to larger deals that may prevent them from ever bringing in a big-time FA.

The Issues (Thunder):

Harden is a pretty integral piece to their puzzle: He was the NBA's sixth man of the year and was OKC's third best scorer. Harden was also a key contributor in their playoff run. Is Iguodala worth losing a budding young star? Iguodala is almost 30 and is a few seasons removed from his best year (statistically), is OKC's front office sure this is the piece that will deliver them a ring?

Though Iguodala helps against the heat, but is he worth Harden AND Perkins against the other 30 teams in the league? Harden and Perk played a ton of minutes for a team that made a run to the NBA finals.

Where is the production from the 2nd unit going to come from? Harden and Collison were the first 2 off of the bench and neither will be available to supply energy off of the pine. Who is going to fill them roles? Thabo Sefolosha? Reggie Jackson? Dequan Cook? Royal Ivey? Cole Aldrich? Nic Vucevic? Lazar Hayward? BLEHH.. they all sound pretty awful to me.

The Additional Reasons:

OKC probably wont be able to keep the core of Durant, Harden, Ibaka and Harden due to financial reason. I think Harden is the easiest player for them to replace and Iguodala is a great veteran to acquire. Iguodala would be coming off the books right around the time Ibaka would have to be re-signed. This will also allow OKC to save it's amnesty if they's like to make a FA signing the next summer or so. Or they could save the amnesty to hedge against their contract's for Durant or Westbrook if they suffer some crazy injury or wild drop-off in production (highly, highly unlikely).

Durant also speaks very highly of Iguodala and loves the way he plays the game. Their games compliment each other's perfectly and Iggy would relish in the supporting role.


When I first thought about this trade, I thought the Sixers were making out like bandits. But after really thinking about it and trying to look at the deal on multiple levels, I think the Thunder would really consider this deal and might actually make out better. I love the way Iggy fits into OKC's style of play and he could really work wonders for them at both ends of the court. I also think Harden could average about 20 a game and fit in nicely with Jrue and Evan. Perkins also gives great value.

This wouldn't be considered a win-now move by the sixers (it certainly is for OKC), so would the front office acutally do it?

I highly doubt the Sixers fan-base would object to this deal and OKC fans really couldn't hate it either. It seems like a win-win trade to me.

What do you guys think?

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