2012 Mock Draft Round-Up 2: Who Will The Sixers Take?

It's been two weeks since our first mock draft round-up so how about we do it again?

Chad Ford, ($) link

#15- Terrence Jones: The Sixers might have a tough choice here between Jones, Terrence Ross and Arnett Moultrie. They need size, but also shooting. Jones may be the compromise. He measured out very well for a power forward at the combine, has an NBA body and proved to be a solid rebounder and shot-blocker in college. He has tremendous upside if he puts his heart into it.

Ross, meanwhile, would give the Sixers the starting-caliber sniper that they've long lacked, while Moultrie is a long, bouncy, athletic big man who could stretch the floor for them.

Jeff Goodman, link

#15- Austin Rivers: Doug Collins and the Sixers need scoring desperately. Doc's kid does just that.

Scott Howard-Cooper, link

#15- Jared Sullinger: Sullinger drops, but maybe to an ideal place. The 76ers can use a power player, and the experienced Sullinger will be an interior presence.

Steve Alexander, link

#15- John Henson: Elton Brand is getting older and the Sixers could use a defensive banger to replace him. Henson should be just that. If they don’t go with Henson here, Terrence Jones would be another solid option.

Jonathan Givony, link

#15- Perry Jones: The Sixers are in a position to pick the best player that drops to them at 15, and Perry Jones is one of the most talented prospects in this draft. He can play alongside any of the frontcourt players the 76ers have at the moment, and would benefit greatly from the tough love of head coach Doug Collins.

Sean Deveney, link

#15- Jeremy Lamb: The Sixers could look to move up, they could deal Andre Iguodala, they could deal out of the draft altogether. But they need shooters, and Lamb can shoot.

Aran Smith, link

#15- Arnett Moultrie: Moultrie put up tremendous athleticism numbers in the combine, which comes as no surprise to those that scouted him extensively during the season. He spent the first 12 years of his life in New York City and teams came away impressed with his interviews. We've contended all along that he has lottery talent and he's another prospect adding great depth to this year's draft class.

Paul Banks, link

#15- Jeremy Lamb: Another big body would be the ideal fit for the 76ers since Spencer Hawes is a free agent, so they would take a serious look at John Henson, Arnett Moultrie, or one of the Jones'. However, Philly could also use a shooter, and Jeremy Lamb is too good of a value to pass up at this point.

Sam Amick, link

#15- Austin Rivers: The Sixers are well-equipped in their backcourt with young Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, but Rivers could fit in nicely with his ability to create his own shot and play both positions. The bigger Ross is the better shooter and athlete of the two, but he doesn't have Rivers' versatility.

Looks like Arnett Moultrie isn't as popular as he was two weeks ago with the mockers. Lamb(who I would love to have) & Rivers(not so much) lead this round-up with being mocked to us twice each

I also saw this on hoopsworld link

The 76ers may be looking to trade up into the lottery. Like Milwaukee, Philadelphia met with a number of top prospects in Chicago, including likely top-five pick Andre Drummond. Also, don’t be surprised if Andre Iguodala trade rumors start to surface as the draft gets closer. For months, league sources have said that they expect the Sixers to shop Iguodala this summer.

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