2012 NBA Draft: Sixers Will Work Out Moe Harkless

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 18: Moe Harkless #4 of the St. John's Red Storm looks on against the UCLA Bruins at Madison Square Garden on February 18, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

According to the Official Twitter of the Philadelphia 76ers, the team has scheduled Moe Harkless and Hollis Thompson for a pre-draft workout.

Harkless and Thompson account for the 24th and 25th known prospects to work out for the Sixers. Make the jump for a little information on the two, and where they fit in my updated prospect rankings.

Moe Harkless

Harkless is one of those guys scouts drool over because of his elite physical skill-set and athleticism. He entered the draft, despite everyone acknowledging his lack of readiness – projecting him as a late first round talent. However; in a development that surprise no one, his athleticism has him quickly rising up draft boards. Here's what Chad Ford recently had to say about him:

He still has a ways to go as far as making his game translate to the next level, but the raw athletic ability and elite size for his position, combined with an excellent showing both on the court and in interviews seems to have really improved his stock. I've heard his name as high as No. 7 to the Golden State Warriors and No. 8 to the Toronto Raptors.

Harkless projects as a good wing defender in the NBA, a good rebounder, and a terror in transition, but it remains to be seen whether he will develop any type of offensive game.

I think Harkless is an intriguing prospect, but I see him fitting terribly with the Sixers, even if he reaches his full potential. If the Sixers lacked team athleticism and/or perimeter defenders, I'd be all for taking a flier on Harkless. But because they don't, I'll pass, unless he somehow fell to pick 45, or the Sixers back.

(Here's a nice scouting video on Harkless.)

Hollis Thompson

Thompson has one elite skill – his three-point shooting. Everything else projects to be below average in NBA terms. That said, he has good size for the small forward position, and could serve as Jodie Meeks replacement and possibly even find his way into the Sixers starting lineup – next to Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.He's not an ideal starter, but much like Jodie Meeks did, he could provide a much-needed three point shooter for penetrating Sixers guards to pass to.

While below average, he's not a terrible defender, and he can rebound from the small forward position. He's projected to go anywhere from mid-second round to undrafted. Depending on the other players available, I wouldn't mind grabbing Thompson with the 54th pick.


Here are my updated rankings of the guys the Sixers have had in for workouts.

  1. Terrence Ross: ESPN (16), DX (16)
  2. Kyle O'Quinn: ESPN (35), DX (41)
  3. Doron Lamb: ESPN (32), DX (33)
  4. Quincy Miller: ESPN (27), DX (17)
  5. Moe Harkless: ESPN: (20), DX (18)
  6. Darius Johnson-Odom: ESPN (59), DX (47)
  7. Scott Machado: ESPN (36), DX (49)
  8. Kim English: ESPN (64), DX (55)
  9. Hollis Thompson: ESPN (45), DX (61)
  10. Mike Scott: ESPN (47), DX (56)
  11. Michael Eric: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  12. Henry Sims: ESPN (45), DX (65)
  13. Tu Holloway: ESPN (46), DX (51)
  14. John Shura : ESPN (82), DX (73)
  15. Alex Young: ESPN (60), DX (93)
  16. Terrell Stoglin: ESPN (67), DX (78)
  17. Zack Rosen: ESPN (79), DX (84)
  18. Herb Pope: ESPN (97), DX (76)
  19. Renardo Sidney: ESPN (99), DX (100)
  20. Ricardo Ratliffe: ESPN (66), DX (75)
  21. Mindaugas Kupsas: ESPN (92), DX (UR)
  22. Temi Adebayo: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  23. Maalik Wayns: ESPN (108), DX (77)
  24. Scoop Jardine: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  25. Terrence Henry: ESPN (UR), DX (UR)
  26. Dominic Cheek: ESPN (121), DX (UR)
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